Port Blair, Aug. 31: Raising the issue of Namunaghar Govt. Primary School wherein a private party has claimed that the land under the possession of the school belongs to him, the Member of Parliament on 22nd Aug. 2012 asked the Parliament whether the land as claimed by the private individual belongs to him. The MP also asked the details of the year when the school was started.

In reply to the MP’s queries, Dr. D. Purandeshwari, Minister of State for Human Resource Development said that the UT Administration has reported that the Government Primary School at Namunaghar was started on 09.09.1961 and was upgraded to secondary level during 1986.

It was further stated that the land of the School was donated by Shri Harnam Singh prior to the year 1961 and is under physical possession of the Education Department since then.

A private individual has claimed that a part of the land in question is recorded in his name. Therefore, the work of developing a proper play Ground in the School has been temporarily stopped.