It is seen the Andaman Public Works Department (APWD) now a days is taking good care of the public roads under its jurisdiction. Erstwhile only those roads within the city limits were maintained regularly, however during the last couple of years the department is seen repairing rural roads almost through the year by filling potholes and damaged edges. Apart from this the rural roads are also being widened and the Speed Breakers that were defective in construct and hampered smooth flow of traffic has either been removed or flattened. I therefore deem it fit to record my appreciation towards APWD, specifically RCD Wimberly Gunj for its recent endeavor in the road sector. Thanks for making life of motorists and other road users comfortable.

Debkumar Bhadra

Shore Point, Bambooflat


On 1st January at around 4.30 am my son R.S. Vishnu's car AN 01 0011 was forcefully stopped near Aboo Pan Shop by a boy who was riding a R15 .

One more Ecco sports An 01 J 5454 came from behind and parked in such a way that my son had no space to move the vehicle. 

The bike rider had already blocked my son’s car from the front with his R15.

Before my son could understand anything the bike rider came to the window side and started hitting my son. Meanwhile two more car carrying around 15 boys also reached there and joined these boys.

Suddenly someone broke the rear wind screen of my son’s car.  Hearing the sound, my son turned back and saw two boys coming from the back. Immediately after that all the boys left the scene. 

On hearing about this incident, I took my son to Aberdeen Police Station and lodged a complaint but I regret to state that police had not yet lodged a FIR.

I would further like to inform you that earlier also I have lodged two complaints but no case was registered.

The role of police in all the three case should be enquired and why the law of the land is immune to this family should be brought to light.

Dr. Jijith Rekh

R/o Austinabad

It is to bring to your notice that the coconut trees planted in the premises of the G.B Pant hospital (near female ward and dialysis unit and in the parking area) has become a safety hazard for the patients and the general public passing through that area. The coconuts keep on falling continuously creating a health hazard and can cause serious accidents with the patients and public in future. To avoid any such mishaps, it is requested to kindly bring to the knowledge of the authorities to cut down the coconut trees in the premises of G.B. Pant Hospital area.

Vijay Lakra


Dear Editor,

Let me start from the first day I met Mr. Suresh Sharma, Director of Satkar Travels along with Mr R.K. Narula , Vice President, Satkar Travels in the chamber of Adv Naveen Mishra. Mr Sharma  expressed his intention of sending group to my hotel  on signing  an agreement for 16 months . We agreed and next day they both left to Delhi .

Last week of Oct , 2 management staff with 2 cook landed and took charge and an amount of Rs 4,00,000/- in 3 instalments was deposited . I insisted that I will need 3 month advance and one month rent ie; 10 lakhs  if they are willing to take for the said period or else I will charge them as per actual .

The agreement never happened . I kept on sending mails calming for room  rent. They said that as their Manager & staff are in the hotel they would clear the payment .

On the 1st of Dec , I requested for the money and warned them for consequences. 4th Dec  I filled a written complained  to P S Aberdeen , on 5th another complained , On 6th Dec I had to switch of the power supply at 6 am and forced all guest to either pay or check out . Till this time No action was taken by the police department. Yesterday evening the Agencies had sent return tickets for their  staff and directed them to move out to different hotel . Today even the manager of the company  left and hotel and are hiding in Hotel Vivek , Garacharma . Surprisingly on action is taken and I came the agent are leaving for Delhi by after noon flight .

Requesting you to please take up this matter.


Holiday Resort, Port Blair

Dear Editor,

It is learnt that most of time commuters who violates traffic rules end up paying fine 10 times higher than actual. It is very sad that people are facing such problems even in today's time.

Sir, as per rule the officers of the rank of ASI and above of A&N Traffic Police have powers to prosecute the violators at the spot, but in case the violator chooses to go to the court, challans are sent to the court. In Port Blair mostly no such option is given to the commuters, who violate traffic rules, instead they are forced to pay the penalties on the spot.

Therefore to increase transparency in working of A&N, Traffic police and reduce possibility of misuse of prosecution power, I am requesting your good self to publish an article giving details of basic Traffic penalties of A&N Motor Vehicle ACT in your esteemed paper on public interest. And also I would like to request the general public to demand third copy of challan with section and brief description of the offence along with the payment receipt of their challans.

E P Mohamed Nizar,

Social Worker

Mob- 09593-959595