Port Blair, Feb 25: In a significant step towards environmental conservation, EcoCreds, in collaboration with WITH YOU (NGO) conducted a beach cleaning drive at the picturesque Haddo sea shore on 24th February 2024. This initiative, part of our ongoing commitment to ecological sustainability, brought together the community and emphasized the critical importance of maintaining clean surroundings for the well-being of all living creatures.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from volunteers of both organizations, who worked tirelessly to rid the beach of pollutants. An impressive total of 30 bags filled with various types of waste, including plastic bottles, glass containers, plastic wrappers and discarded clothing, were collected during the drive. The efforts of these dedicated individuals highlighted the urgent need for collective action in the battle against environmental pollution.

The collected waste materials were subsequently sent to a local waste management cluster for proper segregation and recycling, ensuring that the environmental impact of the cleanup was maximized. This process not only aids in reducing the footprint of waste on our natural landscapes but also promotes recycling and the conservation of resources.

EcoCreds and WITH YOU (NGO) are proud to have joined forces for this noble cause. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the volunteers who contributed their time and effort to make this event a resounding success. Our organizations are committed to continuing our collaboration on similar initiatives in the future, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility and community engagement.

We believe that small actions can lead to significant changes. Through initiatives like this beach cleaning drive, we hope to inspire more individuals and organizations to come forward and play their part in preserving the natural beauty and health of our planet, said a communication from With You.