People donate for the blind, give generously towards old age homes and orphanages, but it is difficult having them part so liberally with their money towards charities or NGOs who work for the mentally challenged.

I pondered on this as I drove back that evening: I’d seen the sterling work done by an NGO, had interviewed parents, even seen the tremendous affection displayed by teachers, supportive staff and students. I had noticed smiles on the faces of these children as they went through a session of animal therapy, even laughter and happiness as they finally discovered caring people who finally understood them.

Port Blair, Dec. 4: The vessel MV Swaraj Dweep will sail from Port Blair to Chennai on Dec.6, 2023 at 1000 hrs. Excess baggage will be loaded from 1400 hrs to 1600 hrs on Dec.5. Embarkation of passengers will commence from 0800 hrs on Dec.6. The embarkation of passengers will be closed one hour before the schedule time. Passengers reporting late will not be allowed to board the vessel.

The world is full of noise makers: People who shout and yell, people who put on a great show, and act like actors on a stage: Full of craftsmanship but little content! I’ve seen this in leaders who can speak great oratory but have hardly any content.

People with more noise but less light: Let me explain:

A great story from one of America's greatest story-tellers, Abraham Lincoln, was apparently related by the president during those anxious days of the American Civil War. A delegation of well-meaning patriots tried to impress upon the president the gravity of the war. They implied that his administration was neither as wise nor good as it ought to be. He listened carefully, then responded with a memorable anecdote.

“I hope I’m not going to put you and your family to any inconvenience,” I tell my friend as I enter his house.

“No problems,” for any of us, “We have a guest room waiting for you!”

I shudder when I hear those words.

A few years ago while giving a talk on ‘Public Speaking’ I noticed somebody in the audience nodding his head vigorously in agreement with all I had to say. I was pleased and a little later in the day when calling people to come up and speak turned to this enthusiastic person and asked him to come over and speak. He shook his head. “Why not?” I asked.

“Bob,” he said with a smile, “I’m a good listener not a good speaker!”