Campbell Bay, May 16: In continuation of the firm stance of Zero Tolerance against the Drug Menace, Campbell Bay police has achieved a significant breakthrough in their ongoing efforts to curb narcotics trafficking.

In a meticulously planned jungle search operation in the Babu Line & RPRS area, the Campbell Bay police, led by Sub-Inspector Roshan George, SHO Campbell Bay, uncovered a substantial amount of unclaimed Narcotic Drugs. The dedicated task force, comprising Sub-Inspector Siva Kumar, Head Constable Meiyappan, and Police Constables Bikash Sen, Anup, and Shahir, conducted a thorough search operation aimed at detecting illicit activities in the area.

During the operation, the team ventured to the B-Quarry Sea beach where they made a huge recovery – approximately 16 kilograms of narcotics, suspected to be HEROIN.

The origin of these drugs is believed to be from international waters, indicated by a "MADE IN TAIWAN" marking on one of the seized items. The estimated value of this significant seizure is believed to exceed 50 crores.

This recovery underscores the persistent battle against narcotics trafficking in the Islands.

The entire operation was conducted under the vigilant supervision of Sh. Firoj Alam, DANIPS, SDPO, Campbell Bay, ensuring the successful execution of the mission and reflecting the commitment of the A&N Police towards maintaining peace and security in the Island.

The recovery of such a substantial quantity of narcotics highlights the relentless efforts of the police force in combating the menace of drug trafficking and ensuring the safety of the people.

The A&N Police has urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the Police to assist in maintaining the safety and security of the community.