Port Blair, May 17: The Andaman & Nicobar Police has announced a series of accomplishments in enhancing road safety and managing traffic effectively across the islands, as well as to minimize road accidents.

Through concerted efforts and strategic initiatives, the Department has made substantial progress in promoting safer roads and fostering awareness among citizens, in tandem with all stakeholders.

Key Achievements of Andaman & Nicobar Police for promoting road safety awareness and improving traffic scenario during the year 2024:

MV Act Fine Collection Surpasses 1 Crore: The diligent efforts of the Andaman & Nicobar Police have resulted in the collection of fines exceeding 1 crore (₹1,00,97,700/-) under the Motor Vehicles Act since 1st January, 2024. This substantial amount underscores our commitment to enforcing traffic regulations and ensuring adherence to road safety norms. A total of 18,650 challans were issued to traffic violators. This demonstrates our unwavering resolve to hold individuals accountable for their actions on the road.

Crackdown on Drunken Driving: Driving under the influence of liquor poses a grave risk to road users. Dealing with this menace, we have apprehended 1,117 individuals in the year 2024 for drunken driving, sending a strong message against this reckless behaviour. During the last year (2023), more than ₹ 1.1 Crore fine was imposed for violators of drunken driving in South Andaman and in the current year also, it has already crossed ₹ 50 Lakhs mark.

Road Safety Awareness Classes: Education is key to fostering a culture of responsible driving. During the year, we have so far conducted 262 road safety awareness classes, equipping more than 20,000 students/citizens with the knowledge and skills to navigate roads safely. In addition, to this frequent road safety messages are circulated on all major social media platforms of A & N Police such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Koo, Whatsapp channel etc.

Eye Check - Up Camp during Road Safety Month: During the Road Safety Month, we organized a series of impactful events including blood donation camps, painting competitions and free eye test camps. These initiatives aimed to engage the community and raise awareness on road safety issues.

Inauguration of Solar Powered Traffic Police Booth at Goal Ghar: Embracing sustainable practices, we have installed a solar-powered traffic police booth at Goal Ghar. This eco-friendly initiative enhances our operational efficiency, while reducing environmental impact. Two more such Booths will be installed at Bathu Basthi & Light House Jn, in near future.

Participation of Schools in the Traffic Warden Scheme: Recognizing the importance of community involvement, we have introduced the Traffic Warden Scheme in both South and N&M Andaman districts, engaging more than 60 schools in our efforts to promote the safety of students on roads. Traffic wardens have been provided reflective jacket, cap, whistle and stop sign.

Installation of Reflective Stickers on Two-wheelers for Enhanced Visibility: To improve visibility during night hours, reflective stickers have been pasted on two-wheelers/Cycles across the islands. This initiative aims to reduce accidents and ensure the safety of riders and other road users and in days to come, will be further accelerated.

The Andaman & Nicobar Traffic Police remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring safer roads and better traffic management. We urge all citizens to prioritize road safety and comply with traffic regulations for a secure and harmonious commuting experience.

General public is also encouraged to report traffic violations such as such as riding without helmet, Using mobile phone while driving, use of multi tone horn, excess smoke emission, illegal/obstructive parking, retrofitted/modified silencers, rash & negligent driving & triple riding etc. by sending clear photograph/short videos of violation containing clear registration no. of vehicle with date, time and place of offence on the official Whatsapp No. 9531892228 or to inform on the Traffic Control Room Number 03192-243812 for prompt action against the violators. The Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) Number 112 may also be used to intimate the Police of any traffic - related issue for prompt redressal.