Mayabunder, May 21: A complaint of theft at Mayabunder Kali Temple was reported at PS Mayabunder. Upon this, a special team, led by Inspector P.K. Abdul Arif, SHO, PS Mayabunder, including HC N.K.K. Kerketta as the Investigating Officer, was formed to trace the offender.

Through thorough site inspections and careful analysis of CCTV footage, the team identified a person, namely Nayan Bar, as the prime suspect. Acting swiftly, they devised a plan and successfully apprehended Nayan Bar. Following his arrest, Nayan Bar was subjected to thorough interrogation, during which he admitted his involvement in the theft at the temple. As a result of the team's diligent efforts, the accused has been put behind bars, and the stolen amount was successfully recovered from Nayan Bar's possession.

The police commend the community's cooperation and highlight the importance of swift action and collaboration in securing justice. The recovered items and evidence will be crucial in the legal proceedings against the accused.

The general public is requested to pass and share any credible information pertaining to any crime or illegal activities to their nearest police station or over phone No.100, 112 & 03192-273344. The identity of the informers will be kept secret and will also be suitably rewarded.