Port Blair, May 22: An unusual flooding was noticed at School Line today where the concerned authorities have placed a central median to divide the lanes. The central median which was initially placed from Bhatu Basti area had received much appreciation from the general public, as it had considerably reduced the risk of accidents.

Gradually, by the end of 2023, the concerned authorities had extended the median covering the road area from Minnie Bay to Labma Lane. But this time there was a lot of objection from the commuters as the road crossing distance had been done in a very unplanned manner. The median from School Line extends upto INS Utkrosh gate, which is almost a distance of half a kilometre, with only a man-crossing in front of GSSS School Line. Moreover, when a commuter while proceeding from School Line wishes to take a U-Turn, the U-Turn point in front of INS Utkrosh gate is so narrow that it invites commotion while increasing the risk of accidents in the narrow area in front of INS Utkrosh.

Today’s adverse weather conditions had resulted in an unusual flooding in front of GSSS School Line, which was never experienced before the placing of the median. Residents of the area and commuters complained that the flooding is a result of illogical blocking of the area with a long stretch of central median.

Since the monsoons seem to have set in, heavy rains with thundershowers and squally wind is already predicted by the Met Department. Considering today’s unusual flooding in School Line area, it can be expected that the concerned authorities Viz. APWD and Traffic Police would analyse the pros and cons of placing the median and make arrangements in such a way that it does not cause man-made disaster like today’s flooding while ensuring a safe and smooth flow of traffic.