Last Sunday Washington wore a worried frown, as officials of the mightiest country in the world, met security personal, and senators met congressmen, “He’s coming to the Philippines, Asean Summit!” they all whispered.

“Who?” asked a new intern in Trump’s team innocently, “Who’s coming?”

“The Hugger!” whispered a senior colleague, “Now be quiet, let’s listen how they’re going to deal with the hugger!” They entered the room of very worried officials, “We were caught unawares!” said a secret service agent, “We did not expect him to hug the president the last time he was here!”

“Is it an Indian tradition?” asked a Republican senator.

“No sir, they frown at hugging down there, even have the police arresting anyone who hugs in public!”

“Then why come and hug here?” asked a visibly annoyed senator.

There was silence in the room.

“The President seemed unhappy with the incident!” said a security officer, “Said it took him a lot of ironing to get rid of the creases from the bearhug!”

“He does hug passionately!” observed another secret service agent.

“That’s a threat to our Chief!” whispered the same senator. “You guys better come up with a solution, our President should not be the object of sudden assaults! We paid quite a price for the last one, with Pakistan wanting to do the same,even Bangladesh sending a formal request for a presidential hugging!”

“Gives Donald quite a tummy ache later; this holding and squeezing!” said the senator angrily.

“I could step between just when he is about to hug!” suggested the secret service agent.

“Would cause quite a diplomatic embarrassment!” said the senator, “And we know how prickly Indians are. We don’t want him going over to Russia and hugging Putin the rest of his life!”

“Couldn’t we put the First Lady between?” asked a foreign service official, who’d not spoken till now, and showed some annoyance when the senator sniggered, “He’ll just lean across and hug our President! Brushing aside women doesn’t bother him!”

“I think I have a solution,” said the young intern who had come in as an observer.

“Son, your job is to watch and be silent!” whispered his senior colleague sternly to him.

“Let him speak,” said the senator, “We’ve run out of ideas to keep the Indian Prime Minister from hugging our President, what is it?”

“Keep the photographers out!” said the young intern, “He’s not interested in the hug, he’s interested in the billions in India seeing the pic; likes showing he’s a friend of powerful people!”

“Brilliant!” said the senator, “Pass the word along, when the meeting is coming to a close, shove the photographers out!”

“That was very clever of you!” said his senior colleague as they filed out, “Just heard the President’s given you a ten dollar raise for saving his suits from getting crumpled and creased..!”

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