The only difference between scams that surrounded the previous UPA government and those of the present NDA, is that all Congress scams where discovered when scamsters were within the country, while that of the BJP, after they’ve left our shores.

A guruji termed itthe Art of Leaving!

“It is a highly advanced art,” continued the guruji, “Much like the ancient Indian rope trick where the performer climbs a rope and vanishes. Now they fly into the skies and disappear.

I looked across the seas and saw Vijay Malya, Lalit Modi and now this newer Modi waving like cheerleaders at the authorities in India and put my head down in shame.“You should not feel bad!” said the guruji, “Our soil is sacred and this government has managed to keep it holy, while these criminals are polluting…”

“America!” I said.

“And England,” continued the guruji. “It’s all because of the Art of Leaving our soil is kept clean. Now all businessmen have to graduate in this course to start any business in our country!”

“What!” I exclaimed.

“I run the school,” said the guruji quietly, “and the cream of our nation’s businessmen attend it! Just look at that!” I watched with astonishment as a familiar tycoonwho had revolutionized the car industry in India was seen trying to push the monstrous front gate open. Both the guruji and I watched him struggle awhile, “Soon he will realize, it’s not muscle but grease that’s needed to open the gate!” smiled the guruji, “and that will be his first lesson, on the art of leaving!”

“Greasing gates to escape quietly!” I said thoughtfully.

“Generally, the gatekeeper!” said the guruji, “The lessons are very symbolic!”

“There’s someone fleeing with a pack of hounds behind him!” I exclaimed, “What’s he throwing?”

“Little tit bits to keep the pack of dogs at bay!” said the guruji.

“I can guess!” I said, “He’s learning to hand out bits of useless information to the press, to keep them happy, while he escapes!”

“You’re a fast learner,” said the guruji approvingly, “Can you can guess what’s happening here?” I watched as police dogs and their masters with heavy weights attached to their legs were instructed to run with it.

“Those are law enforcement, police and other government officers!” I said. “Are they learning to run with weights?”

“No!” smiled the guruji, “When they finish our course, they’d have lost their speed and will hereafter run after escapees very slowly, giving businessmenand tax evaders time to escape. Our course as you can see is also for officials!”

“Tell me!” I said, “To run a school of this magnitude must require a lot of funding?”

“We’re government aided!” said the guruji proudly, “And our success rate pleases our leaders!”

“Any awards or rewards?” I asked.

“The silence of our national leadership,” said the guruji proudly, “Is ample reward..!”

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