Have been watching the tremors, then rumblings and quakes that the Me Too movement is causing in India, and then find reactions, not just coming from men’s locker rooms, but also from some women who seem quite critical of the outbursts and revelations!

“Why did they take so long?” is the popular criticism levelled against these brave women.

You just have to hear the laughter, the snides and ridicule, that Me Tooers face to know why anybody either takes too long or never reveals anything that happens at all. And if they had revealed what they’d gone through at that particular time that these critics so glibly talk about, then the ridicule, the sniggers and the disbelief would have been a hundred, nay a thousand fold louder.

So why now?

Because, today, they have formed a brigade. Today, compared to yesterday they individually have the power to withstand, and today, they don’t want others to go through what they went through before!

If you are still not convinced, let me give you an example:

Many years ago, a sixteen- year old boy, having just finished high school, and seeing his father’s business in the doldrums decided to use his holidays, to work as a salesman for his father’s nearly bankrupt company. He went on his sales rounds, walked into a major corporate house, and a gentleman by the name of Khoshy, told him, he could get him a big order, if he came over for a meeting at a posh restaurant. He went. He had never been inside the restaurant, though it was right opposite his old school. There he was introduced to another gentleman and the first gentleman disappeared saying that this gentleman was the one who needed the services of my dad’s company.

The new gentleman then said the deal could be discussed in a better environment and suggested the beach. The innocent sixteen- year old went and on the beach found the man was a homosexual, and had other intentions, which he was intent on getting away with. The boy ran for his life before things got too hot, returned home, and never spoke about it to his father, even when the gentleman gave his dad the order.

There were two other incidents of the same nature during his sales, one a doctor who again promised him business and the other another corporate fellow.

The boy was scared. He was just sixteen. He waited, another six years and then with other friends thrashed these three men. You don’t have to guess who the boy was. You don’t need to guess why he waited. He waited till he had the strength and was not vulnerable anymore!

But, it sure helps me understand, why these ladies waited years, before they today have the fists and friends to thrash these men through exposure, men who thought they could get away, when their victims were weak and vulnerable..!  

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