In America, there are many who ask Trump, where’s the Wall he promised he would build. A wall that would keep outsiders out. And in India, there are many who ask about the Temple. Where is the Temple, that was supposed to be built?

Where is The Wall and The Temple? Why have they not been built, the people cry.

“Hey people! Are you so blind, that you cannot see?”

“What?” cry the people who have asked for wall and temple.

“That the Wall has been built, and the Temple too!”

“Where?” ask the people, surprise on their faces, “Where has the wall and the temple been built?”

“In your minds!”

“Walls have been built in what were once the United People of America, dividing, the white man from the rest, and the country from the rest of the world!”

“And the temple? Where has it been built?”

“Again, in your minds! Dividing the people who worship in temples and the people who don’t!”

“Yes!” cry the people, a hush entering their voices “We do see the Wall and we do see the Temple, built in our minds!”

And then from the Wall and the Temple do I hear a cry, “We are not meant to separate! We are meant to protect! We are not meant to divide, we are meant to unite!”

“I,” says the Wall with humility, “Protect, those that stay within, against those that attack my people in the world outside. I am not meant to divide, but to stand, shoulder to shoulder with each brick that makes me up, and safeguard, those who live within! How, ever, was I made a wall that divides?”

“And I,” says the Temple, “Am built to bring peace in the minds of men. To show that war and murder are not the ways for man to impose his feelings on another. How, ever, did I become a temple that divides?”

In silence the people stare, and then cast down their eyes. “It is we who have allowed those bricks to be built to divide,” they say, “It is we who opened our minds to division and destruction!”

“Then open your minds again!” cries the Wall.

“Open your hearts!” cries the Temple.

“Let peace and quiet be restored in you!” cry the Wall and the Temple, “Let nobody plant thoughts about us that are not the truth! We are meant to protect and pacify. Not divide and destroy!”

Yes dear people, pull down brick by brick, false walls and temples built by those who want to separate and sever, and build instead Walls and Temples that Safeguard and Still the minds and hearts of men..!

Which is what walls and temples are for, isn’t it? 

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