By Buvnesh

Who doesn’t like big Biceps?

I was one of those kids, who always wanted a big bicep with wide chests.

The bicep is a two headed muscle, and a bicep curl focuses on both of these heads at the same time.

Now to perform a barbell bicep curl, you have the option between an “EZ bar” or a “Straight Bar”.

The difference between both the barbells is that people with wrist injuries or pain in the wrist while performing the movement can opt for the EZ Barbell as it is softer on the wrists.

Let’s get started with some curls.

Follow the simple steps given below to start curling:

1. Hold the bar approximately shoulder width apart.Your elbows are tucked to the sides of your body at all times while performing the movement.

2. Slowly curl the weight towards your chest at a slow pace and lower back to the starting position slowly. Remember always perform movements at a constant pace so as to get the maximum benefit of the movement.


I love to hold the bar with all fingers under the bar or what is called a “Suicide Grip”.This allows me to use my biceps completely and avoid the use of my fore-arms during the movement.

Another important point worth noting is that DO-NOT let the elbows leave the side of your body as that keeps maximum tension on your biceps, which is the exercise.

So keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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