By Buvnesh

Triceps is a 3 headed muscle situated right behind the bicep muscle and is responsible for the bulk of your arms.

A well developed tricep gives your arms a bulky and huge look.

The best movement to develop the tricep muscles is the French press, or as we call it now a days “skull-crushers”

This exercise requires a full range of motion in order to be effective.

Similar like barbell curls one can perform this exercise on a Straight barbell or an EZ barbell aka Curved bar, based on their comfort level.

My preference is the EZ bar as it is softer on the wrists and I get a better muscle connection with the bar as I don’t have to be conscious about my wrist getting injured.

Now, to perform this exercise follow the below written steps:

Step 1: Hold the bar with an “inside grip”, which simply means to hold the bar narrower than your shoulders.

Step 2: Lie on an exercise bench with your back tight, lower back slightly curved and feet wide and flat on the floor for a good and stable posture.

Step 3: Hold the bar at chest level and;

Step 4: With your elbows facing forward lower the bar right above your forehead as you breathe in and press the bar back to the starting position as you breathe out.

When you lower the bar remember to feel that stretch on your triceps, and as you press the bar back up flex as tightly as you can.


Always choose a bar and weight with which you are comfortable with, and if you ever feel like going heavy on this exercise always have someone spot aka support you as this movement is a bit risky than other movements and one might get injured.

Always perform this exercise with a tight grip.

So keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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