When Trump plans to visit Pakistan, his advisors tell him, “Mr President, Imran has said okay, but you know from whom we need the final okay?”

“Ah yes, their army! Get in touch with the generals and ask if I can come!”

“Mr President, and what about India?”

“Well, the Prime Minister and I share a good rapport!”

“Sir, it is no more in the Prime Minister’s hands whether you can land in Delhi or not!”

“Ye gads, then whose hands is it in?”

“The mob! We’ll have to get in touch with cow vigilant leaders, anti-romeo squads, religious slogan shouting bosses, rapists and journalist shooting hitmen to ask permission sir!”

Sounds ludicrous right?But as slowly and steadily mob rule spreads in the country, it will soon move from lynching of minorities, thrashing of policemen, like what happened to a woman constable yesterday, to, when the voice of the mob will even overrule the will of the government.

Yesterday columnist Shobha De wrote of her driver thrashed unconscious in Mumbai, because his car was in the way of motorcyclists riding in the wrong direction!This, not in some distant suburb but in the city!

Police do move in, sometimes mobsters are arrested, but walk out quickly,garlanded by followers outside.

Mob violence is increasing like fury in our land. We are shocked by stonepelters in Kashmir but cases of lynch mobs and other violent incidents are taken with a pinch of salt since we paint them with communal colours!But mobs have no colours, and like the terrorist, use cowardly tactics to target the innocents, the weak and the vulnerable.

That’s you!

Who has empowered the mob? Why, politicians themselves. They have realized that to get elected they need to get maximum votes fromvote banks, who ask only one thing, “Leave us alone, while we break the law, while we get illegal water connections, while we steal electricity, build double and triple storied hutments, disastrous fire hazards, legally under some act, specially passed for them.

The mobs are from vote banks formed by politicians. But now they are out of control!

How do we, the educated, salaried, tax paying minority counter this? By fighting, shouting till you become hoarse for hundreds and thousands of judicial courts to be set up. Now. Because today if you and I have justice delivered immediately, we will be able to fight mob rule. Tomorrow is too late, and we may actually see Trump or other world leaders getting off their aircraft, greeted first by mob lords and thendown the line by a prime minister or president.

If you don’t want this to happen and if the mob isn’t already at your doorstep, act now..! 

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