On the borders of an imaginary village, a man with white beard and white hair stood flexing his muscles and expanding his fifty-six inch chest, while shouting and making violent signs at the next village. He heard hurried footsteps behind him, but did not bother to turn around, as he continued his aggressive posturing at the edge of his village,gesturing fiercely at the one across.

“Sir, sir, it is time you came back sir!”

“I cannot, I have many actions up my sleeve which the people of our village enjoy, see!”

The man expanded his chest even more, curled his fingers into a fist and started boxing an imaginary opponent in the next village, again he did not turn as he asked, “Are my people watching?”

“No sir!”

“What? Can’t they see me waving my fists and pawing the air, at the village next door?”

“They have stopped looking sir!”

“Can’t they hear me shouting, ‘terrorist, terrorist’ at the headman of the village next door?”

“They have stopped listening sir!”

“But they made me a headman because of my jumping and kicking and shouting slogans at the village next door?”

“Yes, they did sir!”

“They elected me their chief impressed by this chest of mine!”

“They did sir!”

“So why aren’t they watching me anymore?”

“They watch their shrinking stomachs! They watch their jobs disappearing sir and cash vanishing! They sit at home with no jobs. Their families starve with no food!”

“But that is why I stand here at the border and create these border shows, so they will stop looking at their shrinking stomachs and their empty wallets. Till now they loved my chowkidar antics and clapped and cheered for me!”

“You entertained them well sir!”

The man with white beard and white hair stood flexing his muscles and continued expanding his fifty-six inch chest, while making violent gestures at the next village, “Tell them to look at my aggressive actions again!” he said. “Tell the people I will stand here and protect them from….”

“From what sir?”

“From the terror that comes from the next village! Once they look up and see me yelling and screaming and jumping around, they will clap and cheer and forget their tummies and hunger!”

“Sir the people have spoken!”

“They clap for me?”

“No sir, they want you back to deal with hunger and jobs!”

The white bearded man stopped his shadow boxing and shouting, turned roundand whispered, “But I don’t know how to do that!”

“Yes sir!” whispered the man who had come from the poll booths with the latest results, “The people are realizing that! Yes sir!” he said, looking at the poll results, “they seem to have stopped looking sir..!” 

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