Many years ago, while doing my undergrad, my professor called me to his room, “With what you write and how you write,” he said, “You will either fail or get an A plus”

“Why fail?” I asked.

“Because if your examiner is one who wants a copy paste answer, you’re finished!” he said.

Luckily my examiner wasn’t such, but the other day looking at the newspapers I found most students had scored over ninety percent, and there was one who'd scored one hundred and one percent!


Our educational system hasfinally become a copy-paste one. There is no creativity! Variety is frowned upon, and either you write verbatim what the text book says or you fail.We are producing a nation of clones and non-thinkers!

In my imagination I calledhome immediately after seeing the 90 percenter results: "Lock my cupboard and hide the keys!"

"Why?" asked the wife, "something you want to hide from me?"

 "Just lock it!"

She didn't. "Mummy's looking through every paper in every shelf!" the children screamed as I entered.

"No!" I cried as I rushed in.

"Haven't found anything!" sighed the wife, looking rather disappointed.

"Thank god!" I said as I took a file from the floor and put it back.

"What's that?"

"What's what?"

"That file?"

"Didn't you check it?"

"I did but why the hurry in putting it back? Is there something you don't want me to see?"

"Have I hidden anything from you?"

The wife thought for a moment, "Yes!" she said, "Remember your baby milk bottle your mama sent over after our marriage?"

"Ssshhhh!" I said looking at the kids.

"And that snap in your wallet?"

"That was a pen-pal!" I said, "and I thought you'd forgotten about her?"

"We women never forget! We've got to be on guard all the time, looking after our turf! Now what's in that file you just hid?"

"Nothing," I said defensively.

"Tell us daddy, tell us!" cried both, trying to grab the file.

"Don't!" I yelled.

"Screaming at the poor children? Is it so important?"

"I didn't scream!"

"Please dad, show us your secret!"

"Come on we're family! Show us what you're hiding?" said the wife dangerously.

"Got it ma!" shouted the kids as they grabbed the file and ran out.

"Give it back!" I whispered, and then there was silence in the next room.

The kids came back, not looking at me. "What is it children?"

"Daddy's mark sheet!"

"Ma tell us it's not true!" wailed the elder.

"What isn't true?" asked the wife.

"That our brains aren't from dad’s side of the family. Look how much dad got in high school!"

My wife looked at my old mark sheet then got up quickly.

"Where you going?" I chuckled.

"To hide my marks and lock my cupboard!" she muttered as she slammed her door shut and quickly turned the key..!

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