“Any more strategies? Your midnight one wasn’t very effective, nor the secretive early morning swearing in!”

“I don’t know, but they seem to be beating me nowadays!”

“I noticed!”

“I wonder whether they’ve peeked into my book!”

“What book?”

“The one I use to make my moves! This one!”

“It says, ‘Strategies and Surgical Strikes!’ I thought I coined that phrase?”

“No, I gave it to you from this book!”

“And you’re getting all your ideas from this one book?”

“Yes, after the chapter on Money in Your Bank Account and Surgical Strikes worked, I have grown to rely on it! You know that chapter on Shock and Awe through Demonetization, and Governor at Midnight and also the other on Midnight Presidential Knock were all from this book!”

“Didn’t work though! I’m sure the opposition’s peeked into it!Or maybe..”

“Maybe what?”

“You’ve got an old outdated version, and you need to order the latest. Did you get it through Amazon?”

“I’m not sure there was Amazon when I got the book. Not sure how I got the book!”

“Who’s the author?”

“I’ll check. No, nothing’s written! No name. But there’s a phone number!”

“What are you waiting for? Call that number, tell the author we want a copy of that book. Tell him, we’ll buy all his copies, and keep them here. We don’t want the opposition finding this book, right? Go on call!”

“Hello, I want a copy of the book! What? Oh, the author will call me back? Okay I will wait for the call! Thank you! The author said, he’ll call back!”

“That is very good. Make him an offer. Tell him to come and work for me!”

“Work for you, then what about me?”

“Oh, don’t worry, I do look after my loyal subjects. Maybe a governor’s post, or ambassador of some East European country. Or you may want to go back to our home state?”

“My phone is ringing!”

“Pick it up!”

“Hello! Yes, hello, I want a copy of your book, and my boss asked if you would come and work for him?”

“What is he saying?”

“He’s saying, he will come and meet you! But…”


“I think I know that voice!”

“You recognized the voice of the author? Who do you think it is?”

“Sharad Pawar! And…”

“And what? Didn’t he say he would come and work for me?”

“Yes, but only on one condition, that you would be his deputy prime minister..!” 

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