The Sentry at the Gate of Time, was worried. He had never seen such a crowd at the Gate of Time. Normally crowds welcomed the New Year with rejoicing and revelry, but as he looked at the gate, and saw the faces of the welcomers, he sniffed the smell of fear.

“Strange!” he muttered to his missus.

“Never smelt this smell before!” she said as she sniffed the air.

“Well, not there was never fear when the new year came in!” said the sentry, “I remember smelling a lot of fear, during the Crusades, during the World Wars, and even during the Cold War, but never like this!”

“It’s a different fear,” said his missus, “It’s fear between man and man!”

“Between friends, who are no longer friends, between colleagues, who have allowed distrust to creep in, between neighbours who now close their doors on one another!”

“It’s a sad fear!” said his missus.

The eyes of the Sentry swept the crowd, “There’s two men who have not come to greet the New Year!” he said. 

“Yes, I know!” said his missus.

“You do, how?” asked the puzzled Sentry of the Gate of Time.

“Oh I didn’t want to bother you!” said his missus, “They both tried to scramble over the Fence of Time and meet the New Year in advance!”

“What!” shouted the Sentry.

“You were sleeping, dear husband, so I stopped them, one with a grey beard, and the other bald, and I saw they had a paper, which they wanted to hand over to 2020!”

“Did you confiscate the paper?”

“No, husband, but I saw what was written in it. It was a note for 2020, “Bring bandages and medicines with you because we are going to make you bloodied when you visit us!”

“Oh my! Oh my!” whispered the Sentry of the Gate of Time.

“Don’t fret, dear husband, don’t fret!” said his missus soothingly, “I think it was meant to be I saw those two and their dastardly paper!Because I have a plan to rescue the year! Do you remember what won all the wars before?”

“Yes!” said the Sentry, “But I have not seen her lately, where is she?”

“I am here,” said a woman, more beautiful than any woman they had ever seen, “I came as soon as your missus summoned me!”

“You will have to go down with the New Year. You will also be bloodied just like he is about to be, but stand strong, fight hard, and then maybe, just maybe, 2020 will not fall prey to the plans these two men have for him. Do you think you can do that?”

They watched as the incredibly beautiful woman, stood lone and tall, “I am Truth, “she whispered, “And Truth will always Prevail..!” 

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