Goons enter the JNU college.

They thrash professors and students.

The Union President, a girl, AisheGhosheisbeaten on the head with iron rods, thrown to the ground, kicked, punched, bleeding and badly injured is  admitted to hospital where she receives sixteen stitches on her bloodied head!

Next day, the police, instead of arresting her attackers, arrest her!

A few years ago, when my elder daughter was in college, I received a call from her, telling me her phone was stolen from her bag, when she had deposited her bag in the college library.

I went to her college and found that all students had to leave their bags in small open lockers, and were given a token, which later they presented to a peon at the counter and got their belongings back.

She’d done the same, and since phones were not allowed in the library had placed her phone in her bag, and later on opening the same found it was missing. I spoke with the person at the counter, who said he had nothing to do with it. Then spoke with the librarian, and finally the principal. All of them said they were helpless.

I took my daughter to the police station and registered a complaint. The police sent a constable with me and I went back to the college with him.

Later, the principal asked me, why I had brought the police to a college.

I told him, since a robbery had been committed, I used the law, but more than that, I showed my daughter, what she had to do, if ever a crime was committed, and concerned authorities showed a lack of will to rectify a wrong.

But today as I see what is happening in Delhi, I ask myself, what message is it that our children are receiving?

My daughter learned to seek justice, but what are India’s children seeing?

I have no doubt that some higher up, must be thinking it was very clever to pin a crime on the very victim of an assault, but does he know that millions of children are bewildered and whispering, “You can’t trust khaki anymore! There’s no more justice in our country!”

Only when a child grows up trusting the system, does he or she grow up fearless and confidant. What such macabre and gruesome incidents show is treachery to the system, and with the children growing up with any deficit of trust, they will lose faith in the state and search for their own order.

I tried to teach my daughter how to seek justice when I took her to the police station. I wonder where you dads and moms will take your children?

Are you watching your child protesting? It should be we parents, not they, who should be asking questions!

Are YOU? 

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