And as he stood at the border, making faces and shouting slogans at the man across who was busy, not playing cricket, but minding his country, he heard a voice behind, “Come back, we’ve lost Delhi!”

“What? Impossible! I have been standing here and shouting and threatening that ex cricketer across the border, that should have got us Delhi!”

“We’ve lost Delhi!”

“Didn’t you push the people of one religion against the other while I was standing here and shouting at that man across the border?”

“I did!”

“Then what happened?”

“We still lost Delhi!”

“Didn’t you instigate people against those who were agitating against the CAA?”

“I did, but we still lost!”

“How much did that muffler man get?”

“Sixty-two seats!”

“That’s impossible, there are only seventy seats!Tell the people it was electronic machine rigging!”

“That is what the people always said!”

“So now agree with them!“

“It’s past all that, come let’s go, we’ve lost Delhi!”

“Are the people mad, we promised them majority rule, majority bullying, majority religion, what happened? What did they want?”

“Cheap electricity!”

“How do we do that?”

“Better education?”

“I don’t know anything about that!”

“Running water!”

“No idea how that’s done!”

“I know!”

“You know what?”

“That you don’t know!”

“I thought you knew!”

“I know how to push one religious group against another, and cheer you as you shout at that cricketer across the border!”

“You don’t know anything more?”

“No, nor do you! So come back..”

“Come back where?”

“Back to Delhi!”

“But Delhi is taken!”

“But we can do all the things we are doing, even while he…”

“Builds schools, gives cheaper electricity, starts hospitals…”

“And we?”

“Can call him names, make fun of his religious visits, and mock his muffler round his neck..”

“That sounds good. I’m good at doing that”

“Yes, I know, but the people of the country now want what Delhi is getting!”

“Then let me stay at the border and shout at that man on the other side!”

“Yes, I think you should keep doing that. There are still fools who are fooled by that.!” 

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