It was after one of the recent G4, G8 or G20 summits, world leaders stood together for their final photo, all wearing COVID-19 prevention masks. But as the photographer with the biggest mask on his face, adjusted his camera, he saw a yellowish- green, six or eight legged monster ambling up to him, and taking hold of his camera, “Whoa, whoa!” he shouted as the world leaders pulled up their masks, “Who are you?”

“I’m Coronavirus!” said the six or eight-legged monster.

“Security!” shouted a flaxen haired President, “How did this creature get in!”

“The same way I got into your country!” smiled the Monster Virus, “With your border security force unable to detect and stop me!”

“What do you want?” quivered another leader, a prime minister shaking with fear, his beard twitching.

“To ask a few questions!” said the virus, “Here’s the first!” he said looking at the president, “Did you notice I climbed over every wall you built: Your medical drugs, your social distancing? Just look at me prancing on top of your research scientists, whooping over their heads! Did your walls succeed with me?”


“And you still want to build them? And you sir!”


“Yes you! Heard you can make out who’s doing what by the clothes they wear? Did you notice I didn’t care less who was wearing what, as I made mincemeat of everyone? Did you notice?”

“Yes, please leave me alone, please!”

“And you Boris, with the funny hair, I know it’s all messed up more, after the time we spent together in the London ICU!”

“You’re not very good company, you quite roughed me up, you know?”

“Did I? Well, gave you some time to ponder on whether I differentiated twixt you and them others you wanted to exit from, social distancing from your neighbours across the Channel huh?”

“I’m sorry!”

“Listen world leaders! You, who use every opportunity to rule by division, do you realize I can do everything but cannot discriminate between any of you? Whether you be black, white, bearded, clean shaven, have sweet shapen, slanted eyes or myopic ones, that to me Sir Coronavirus, you are all the same!”

“Yes sir! May we go?” asked the President nervously.

“Not before a photograph!” said the yellowish- green six or eight legged monster gleefully, as he sang to the world,

Come Mr Photographer from wherever you have fled,

And let us send a message, a different one instead.

For I am going to stand with them, and when you shout out, ’Cheese’

I’ll put a hand on each of them, and their bodies I will tease!

And then the world will see and say, that if Corona cannot discriminate,

Then who are we to do so, with racist and communal hate?

And the world understands as the Monster Virus continues to drive home this message ..! 

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