By- Aditya Khatana

With over 207,722 number of deaths all over the world and over 887 number of deaths in India as of 27 April 2020 Covid-19 has spread a sense of fear,  uncertainty, anxiety, depression and much more all over the globe.

With W.H.O.  i.e. World Health Organisation declaring Covid-19  as “PANDEMIC” on march 11,2020 many countries took precautionary measures to contain its spread.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared nationwide lockdown on 24th march for the then next 21 days as a precautionary measure among many.

But soon after the lockdown people started facing some mental issues due to the sudden change in their environment and more precisely their lifestyle. People started getting negative about the situation which according to our human nature is quite obvious.

But here are some positives we should consider side by side.

Degrading Air pollution and revival of fresh oxygen:-

Just few months back before the lockdown governments of different states were playing “Blame game” for the pollution caused by stubble burning.

According to a report of Lancet study 350,000 children in India were reported asthmatic due to pollution 2015 and air pollution alone contributed over 1.2 million deaths in India in 2017 as per the reports by State of Global Air 2019.

But due to the lockdown as we all know industrial companies are shut and very less number of vehicles are on road resulting in giving fresh air to all.

Rivers are been cleaner and making habitable for marine life.

Several newspapers have reported about the reviving of Yamuna in Delhi and infact I.A.S. Deepak Rawat released a video on his Youtube channel about the current condition of rivers in his district.

Discovering inner self:-

Before lockdown each one of us used to complain about the lack of time for our hobbies but now as we have got it people are passionately following their hobbies. Many people have started doing painting, reading books and many have started trying their hands at Yoga.

It is said that painting reflects the inner condition of a person hence people are using different colours to bring joy in their lives. Yoga at this time is proving its worth. Yoga not only keeps us physically fit and flexible but mentally strong too. Performing yoga on daily basis and at such  difficult time will reduce anxiety and depression which many of us are going through.

Moreover it will help us in concentrating which is very useful for the students who are among the ones who are mentally affected the most.

Plenty of time for family:-

According to a recent census around 1.36 million people in India are divorced and there are more than 100 old age homes in India. The main reason I consider behind this is lack of understanding which is caused by the lack of time.

We in our daily life are so busy that we forget that we have a family too, we forget that our time is also meant for them.

This lockdown has given us all time to press that restart button of our relationships be it with anyone. We should start it by helping each other in different household chores, we should surprise each other by making different food items.

And how can one forget to take out those old photographs and relive all those memories again.

The unsung heroes:-

We have always thought of rude, corrupted etc whenever the word Police or Collector came up to our mind. But now the scenerio is totally different Police and Administration along with Doctors are the one who are at the front foot in this fight against the COVID-19.

All of them are working day and night to safeguard us from this deadly virus and it becomes our duty to help them instead of pelting stones or cursing them.

The best way we can help them is by staying at home as much as possible and going out only for any emergency or purchasing essential commodities.

I’ll end it by saying- No doubt the fight is long but our morale is strong too. 

Jai Hind!