- Dr. Bimal Chhajer, Director of SAAOL Heart Center

Since the inception of COVID pandemic, the impact due to various heart ailments seems to be subsided. Though it is known that the rate of mortality and morbidity due to heart attacks are underestimated globally, yet many countries are still facing the wrath of its mortality. 

While the prime focus of most of the countries is to develop a vaccine for n-COVID-19, in the interim people are instructed to follow the preventive measures like social isolation, sanitization, hand washing, avoiding handshakes and so on.

The recent data suggests that around 1.2 crore people have been infected globally, with a mortality rate of 5.4 lakh. India accounts for 7.4 lakh cases with a mortality of 20,000 till now. The statistics in comparison to the impact of Coronary Artery Diseases (CAD) and other heart ailments seems evidently low.

On an average around 20 crore people succumb to some form of heart ailment with a mortality rate of 10% accounting for 2 crore lives lost. India being the present-day leader in terms of number of heart disease patients across the world attribute to a massive 6 crore people being diagnosed every year. As the numbers are still on an exponential rise, an estimate of 9000 per day seems to lose their lives suffering from heart problems, which in this current scenario seems to be avoided.

COVID and Cardiac Relationship

Various studies have also claimed that people with pre-existing heart conditions have a direct 11.6 % higher risk of mortality due to the COVID infection.  And co-morbidity of diabetes and hypertension further raises the risk by upto 8 folds attributing to the lowered immunity and decreased speed of body response to tackle inflammation with increased age along with viral myocarditis to some extent. There has also been a link established with increasing age, while people above the age of 60 years are four times vulnerable to death, 9 times if the age is above 70 years and 15 times if the age is above 80 years.

Evidently, the rate of mortality due to COVID is restricted to within 2% whereas heart diseases kill over 10%, and still neglected. There are 8-10 crore (80-100 million) heart patients in India and every 10 seconds one person dies of heart disease in this country.

Why heart surgeries – Natural Bypass technique is useful

Hospitals in India perform more than 2 lakh open heart surgeries annually and are increasing annually by 25%. But the cases of heart attacks are not going down. The surgeries done are only palliative. This raises a big question mark on the use of unnecessary Angioplasties and Bypass surgeries in India and the 10,000 Heart Hospital Industry driven by the greedy Heart Surgeons and Interventional Cardiologists. In India more than 5 lac stents are being put every year and some 60,000 Bypass surgeries are being done in the heart Hospitals and 85% of them are done on stable heart patients – which can be easily avoided. Present day Cardiologists are in the wrong track by emphasizing more use of Bypass surgery or Angioplasty, medicines, emergency treatments – but they are overlooking the real cause of heart attack and heart disease.

Since the intervention procedure requires exposure of blood to various infection risks, it is not at all safe to undergo such procedure when one can naturally cure themselves.

External Counter Pulsation (ECP) also known as Natural Bypass technique is an approved mechanical process without pushing wires, stents, etc. into the body but dilates blood vessels and enable body to grow new blood vessels much like bypass and stem cell therapy. Most patients can walk longer distance and faster, have fewer episodes of pain chest and require less medication after the therapy.

The patients experience better quality of life while tests can confirm the improved cardiac status. Patients have decreased chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, tiredness as well as a significant improvement in exercise tolerance and energy. They can walk longer distance and faster more comfortably. Medication is reduced in almost all patients. Stress Thallium can picture the heart muscle’s blood flow while the new non-invasive Cardiovascular Cartography can map heart’s blood flow and study the Oxygen demand reserve ratio, blood vessel elasticity, myocardial burden, etc.

Lifestyle management is the key

Yoga and Diet based Lifestyle management along with Optimum Medical Management is the key to the solution of heart diseases. Not only that they are highly effective for healthy heart, but also prevent Bypass surgery or Angioplasty. SAAOL (Science and Art of Living) has been treating heart patients for the last 25 years successfully and its theory is now being proven correct by the most modern medical research. To avoid heart attack all the patients need is a through training on lifestyle and cover of Allopathic medicines.

Cardiac ailments being a lifestyle related ailment and hence the treatment should also be focused in the same direction. While cardiac ailments remain to be a growing burden in the Indian society, affecting millions of people and the economy of the country, it is time to eradicate them from the root.

Zero Oil Cooking - Triglycerides is a form of oil (commonly known) which forms blockages in the coronary arteries causing various types of cardiac ailments. This indicates that by adding any amount of oil in our daily lives we are killing ourselves indirectly in the long run. Though most of us add oil in our foods to add flavor and taste to it but fortunately oils do not have any taste, and one can try tasting one spoon of oil for confirmation. Addition of oil in the food is done only to cook or season the spices which are responsible for providing the taste. But does anybody know that the taste can be easily achieved in the food without adding a drop of oil?

We have developed more than 1000 kinds of recipes without oil and they are equally tasty. For our basic requirement of fats the nature has packed some fats/triglycerides with every food like rice, wheat, pulses, fruits and vegetables.

Safety Circle - The eduVaccine revolves around the concept of ‘Reversal of heart diseases’ through regular monitoring of heart health through a ‘SAAOL Safety Circle’ which can guide every adult of the country to take steps to reverse and prevent heart disease. This technique has benefitted over 2 lakh heart patients in the past 24 years with non-invasive treatment modules like lifestyle change, US FDA approved EECP and a combination of Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Detoxification. With the development of the SAAOL Safety circle which is the best indicator of the heart health has benefitted many to prevent future heart complications.  It has three circles and 12 factors to control, six parameters related to medical and four each related to healthy diet and lifestyle habits.