Somewhere in Rajasthan, in a police station, the phone rang and a constable lazily picked up the phone, listened carefully, frowned and then called out to his superior, “Sir, a suicide is taking place?”

“Taking place?” shouted his superior, “Go quickly, bring down the victim if he is hanging, flush his stomach out if he or she has taken something lethal, run, quick, stop the suicide!”

The superior officer looked as his junior, made no movement to go. “What’s the problem? Go!”

It was in a few minutes that the constable came back and sat in his seat, “There’s nothing I can do sir!” he said.

“You didn’t stop the suicide?”

“Nobody can sir!”

“Who is it?”

“Some person called Opposition! Some in the room, called him Congress, but others said, he was the Opposition!”

“There were others in the room?”

“Yes sir, a mother and son, and they were doing their best to see that Opposition committed suicide! They said they had helped it tie the noose first in Madhya Pradesh and now they were doing so here in Rajasthan!”

“That’s abetment to suicide! A very serious crime.”

“Yes sir!”

“What do you mean ‘yes sir’, go quickly and arrest them!”

“I can’t sir!”


“Pity sir!”

“Pity!” screamed the superior, and the whole police station resounded with the scorn and derision in his voice, “You felt pity for this mother and son, who are helping abet the suicide of poor Opposition, and that’s the reason you haven’t arrested both of them?”

“Yes sir!”

“And what may I ask, caused you to feel pity for this duo?”

“They told me they wanted to get back to their lives! They wanted to maybe run a bakery in Milan or a car showroom in Argentina or something like that, but because of this fellow, Opposition, they were being forced to continue in their jobs! So…”

“So now the only way out for them is to see this Congress or Opposition fellow commits suicide so they can get back their lives?” asked his superior, and his junior nodded vigorously.

“Maybe we should pay a visit to this mother and son, who are going about abetting the suicide of Opposition!” said the senior inspector, taking out his notebook, a very sharp pencil and beckoning his junior to follow.

“Why sir?” asked his junior.

“So that we can listen on to their conversation and find out enough to arrest them!” said his senior.

“That’s what I tried to do sir!” said his junior.


“I couldn’t understand a word sir, they were speaking in Italian..!”

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