And in an old white house somewhere in Washington, an old man with blonde hair, shaped in a peculiar way, stood staring out of the window, “This old house gets to you!” he murmured to himself, “Need to stay here a while longer!”

“Thought you didn’t much care for me initially Donny!” said the House, it’s voice coming from it’s very foundations, “Thought you liked them penthouses you have all over, with golden bathtubs, gilded furniture and beautiful women spread all over them!”

“Yeah, but I’m beginning to like the feel of you!”

“What feel? I thought you found my beds lumpy, carpets smelly? What feel you talking about? Is it the feel of power, that you can tweet all dem rubbish and the whole world listens? Or, you can tell them ‘Merican people to wash their stomachs with detergent, and the virus won’t hit em?”

“Yeah, imagine how much soap we sold!”

“And now you’ve fallen in love with me, you been tweeting that you wanna delay the elections till when the coronavirus leaves this country?”

“Yeah, I’m just thinkin’ of them poor voters risking their lives, picking up the virus, all so I can stay on in this house!”

“Donny, maybe they don’t wanna have you stay in this house!”

“But I want to stay!”

“You can’t if them people want you out! And from what I’ve heard most do!”

“But I wanna stay!” said the blonde old man, nearly throwing a tantrum, “I wanna stay here in you!”

“Unfortunately or fortunately Donny, I do not belong to you!”

“Then tell whoever you belong to, to sell you to me,” said the blonde man, “I can buy any house in the world!”

“Yes Donny, any house except those like me! What you and many of your friends across the world think is, you own the trust the voters give you, but what you don’t understand Donald, is that your landlord is a very fickle owner!”  

“Who is the landlord? Who owns you?”

“The people!” said the old white house somewhere in Washington, with pride, “and if they want you out, coronavirus or no virus, they will stand in line and get you out, and sir, if they want you in, they will do the same. But my thinking is, and you can bet your flaxen hair I know what I’m sayin’, “You can fool some people some time, but not all the people, all the time!”

The old White House went back to it’s customary silence and waited for the people’s biden’..!

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