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The formation of the Earth is with 33% land and 67% of water. The fresh water is 30% and 97% is saline water. Out of which 28200 Bcm (Billion Cubic Meter) is in polar Ice and glacier and 3740 Bcm is in the form of ground water which is 800 meter below earth surface and around 4710 Bcm is in between 800 to 400 meter below earth surface.

The Rain Fall

The National average rain fall rate is 1100mm. The Global annual Rain fall is around 880mm, and National Capital Delhi average rain fall is 600mm approx.

Many States and Union territories are recording the annual rain fall rate of 3100 to 3200mm. As per these, that places should be free from drought and from acute water shortage. The data and the reality doesn’t match. For example, Kerala State and Andaman Nicobar Islands are recording more than 3100mm annual rain fall.But still they are facing shortage of water.

Andaman & Nicobar Island

The population of Andaman & Nicobar Island is around five lakhs. The water resources in Andaman are : 2 Dams,13 stream based water supply system, 30 Nos. Of big and deep wells (which were constructed pre-independence), lakes, open wells, pounds,etc. Even though, the Islanders are facing acute water storage from March to August of every year. They are getting only one hour supply in every 4 to 6 days. Port Blair is dependent on Rutland Island for fresh water ,which is transported by boat,which is 30 to 40Km from Port Blair. The water shortage in Andaman & Nicobar Island can be easily met with artificial rain water conservation.

The Achievements of Artificial Water conservation.

Every Drop Count Foundation  is a water conservation agency , based in Trivindrum district of Kerala State. EDCF started with an aim of implementing rain water harvesting projects to recharge the ground water around the world. With a mission to conserve water, create awareness about water, its resources, conservation methods, etc. to bring sustainable living to every creature. EDCF has developed a technology to enhance percolation of water for artificial Rain water harvesting.

This method of water conservation is Easy to implement, Less space required,  Fit for urban area, Long life span (30-40 years), No storage tanks required, Negligible maintenance, 100% storage of harvested water, Unlimited storing capacity. The net achievement of the artificial rain water conservation is that in one paisa we can save one cubic meter of water from commercial building.

Why water shortage ?

The Ground water level is lowering due to less recharge and increase in use of water. As the ground water level decreases, the water holding in the earth (aquifer) starts drying and hence water shortage.  This happening due to decrease in rain fall, increase of atmospheric temperature, increase in population, deforestation, decrease in number of natural water holdings, digging of unlimited bore well, negligence to clear the water holding, excess extraction of the water from ground.

An Advice to Islanders

The need of the hour for the world is “Water conservation”. Every individual should know and works towards sustainable water conservation to save our beautiful planet. You must do The Rain Water Conservation to save the Island from drought. Your mission must be ‘Water For All and Everywhere’, Lets make ‘Drought and Water Shortage free Island by 2030’.