“A thundershower in October?” I whispered, as I heard thunder, saw lightning, and the sound of heavy rains. I picked up the morning papers and found that the papers had indeed predicted the same and decided to congratulate the weatherman for his excellent prediction, almost for the first time!

“Congratulation! You, are becoming pretty good at your job,” I shouted at the weatherman, as he peered out of his window, and stared at the clouds above. “Today you predicted a storm and it happened. Soon you might be sent to Delhi to forecast the political also weather in the capital!”

“No, no, don’t let them do that to me,” cried the weatherman, letting fall two large tears from his myopic eyes, “I don’t need to go anywhere else, I am quite happy predicting the weather here.”

“And I,” said another head, popping out of another window, “am also quite happy he is here!”

“Who’s that?” I asked the weatherman, looking at the strange face at the next window, and then looking back at the weatherman as he smiled lovingly at the stranger popping out.

“Ah,” said the weatherman happily, “he’s the astrologer for all your newspapers and magazines.”

“An astrologer!” I exclaimed, looking at the man at the window and then glancing at both of them as they smiled at each other, “and why are you both so happy to have each other as neighbors?”

“Because,” cried the astrologer, who seemed a lot more jovial than his friend, “yesterday his weather forecast and my astrological predictions got mixed up at the newspaper office…..”

“….. And for the first time our forecasts turned out to be absolutely right, though in the wrong columns,” said the weather forecaster.

“Just a minute,” I said trying to control my astonishment, “you mean to say that today the weather forecast came in the astrology column and the astrology forecast appeared in the weather column?”

Exactly,” cried both the neighbors together.

“Yesterday,” said the astrologer winking at me, “I warned my readers to be careful as the next day was going to be stormy, moody and dreary!”

“And I,” said the weatherman a little guiltily, “mentioned in my weather report that the day was going to be bright and sunny!”

“This morning I’ve received at least a dozen calls from people,” giggled the astrologer, “as to how bright and happy they are feeling today and at how right I was, just as my new friend the weatherman had mentioned in his weather forecast!”

“So,” continued the weatherman, “we have decided to exchange our forecasts everyday, then and only then will we be sending it to newspapers and magazines …… you see, we want our readers to get absolute accuracy in their daily forecasts and weather predictions from now on…!”

I shuddered to think if tomorrows weather forecast said, ‘love is in the air’, what people would expect when they looked at the skies..!

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