Despite numerous and regular reports in the media about the presence of pesticides and other chemical contaminants in food and water, we have not been goaded into searching for and demanding food grown in a non-toxic way. We are also very isolated from the food production process - many of us do not have the faintest idea where our food comes from or how it is grown.
While the latter is a matter of personal interest, we need to understand that chemical agriculture operations and the wanton commercialization of farming affect each one of us adversely, even the city dweller ensconced in a high-rise for whom life begins and ends in a city. Their effect on the environment and wildlife is also well-documented. The cruelty of modern-say animal husbandry, whether for milk, eggs or meat is horrifying and repulsive.
The organic farming initiative is not new and has been taken up in various parts of the country over time. Organic farming is being adopted in parts of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore, Karnataka and Punjab etc. In India, as against 42,000 hectares under certified organic farming during the 2003-04, initial estimates for 2009-10 indicate organic agriculture under certification has grown to 1.05 million hectares. Out of this, nearly 750,000 hectares are fully certified while the remaining 300,000 hectares are under various stages of conversion.
The International Panaacea Limited (IPL) is the country's pioneer’s organization of grassroots organic farmers. Since Indian agriculture continues to remain a source of livelihood for mostly small farmers and peasants. IPL is the organization working in this arena leading the organic movement through implementation of large scale organic farming projects sponsored by various agencies which broadly involves awareness about the benefit of organic farming, organizing them to form clusters, training management practices and documentation, facilitation for certification and establishment of marketing channels for better returns to the producers.
“Promotion of organic farming will not only ensure increased availability of organic and biological sources of nutrients, but will also provide technologies and information which will help other forms of agriculture in restoring soil health and conservation of resources.” said by Mr. Suraj Bhagchandka, President , IPL. 
“Besides farmers, consumers too, stand to gain in many ways by switching over to organic produce. One of the major benefits is that the consumer can safely consume organic food products in the knowledge that no harmful chemicals were used in their production. Organic products are more nutritious, and in many cases, also taste better than those produced using chemicals. It is also found that food produced organically last longer than conventionally produced ones” said by the President, IPL.
Apart from India, IPL has undertaken a project in Ethiopia. In the near future, IPL products will be available in many European countries, Asian Countries as well as African countries. IPL has pledged to revolutionize agriculture by its innovations in the organic civilization.