The quarreling in the house at the end of the road, had been going on throughout the night and finally the neighbours, unable to sleep called the police.

“Sir,” said the inspector as he entered the house and looked at the elderly couple. “You both are making too much noise, the neighbours can’t sleep!”

“Officer,” cried the weeping wife, as she ran to the policeman’s side, “he is transferring me out of this house, out of my home.”

“Transferring you?” cried the officer in surprise, “you can’t do that sir, she is your wife.”

“Of course I can do it,” said the husband, “I am the head of this house and I will do as I please.”

“But she is doing a good job as your wife sir!” said the inspector again.

“So I am transferring her to a post, where she will wield the same authority as she does now,” said the husband, “in fact I have created the post specially for her.”

“He wants me to go to his village and look after his father and mother,” cried the wife.

“She will be a caretaker for my parents,” said the husband with a flourish, “which as you will agree with me officer, is a promotion transfer.

“And who will look after you and your family?” asked the inspector, once she is transferred?”

“Her sister,” said the husband, “I have been observing her for some time, and I feel she would fit in very well over here, so she will be transferred here immediately.”

“My married sister,” sobbed the wife, “will have to leave her husband and her kids and come here.”

“What nonsense!” shouted the officer.

“Nonsense?” shouted the husband, “I am doing it for the good of my family, and as its head, my orders will be carried out.”

“And what about the family your sister-in-law will be leaving behind?” asked the puzzled inspector.

“Our maid servant has given us years of faithful and loyal service,” said the husband. “She has ironed my clothes, cooked my meals and the way I want them, and I think she deserves a promotion.  She will move to my sister-in-law’s house, when she comes to fill the vacancy here.”

“Sir,” said the police inspector, “this is the first case I have ever heard off, with such things going on. How can you just transfer people about like that. The whole structure of the family will break!”

“But inspector I am doing exactly what the government is doing all the time!”

“Sir?” asked the inspector questioningly.

“As soon as a officer becomes competent and starts doing a good job, he is transferred!” said the husband. “If the government, can do it, why can’t we citizen’s also do the same?”

The inspector scratched his head and left in the jeep he had come in..!

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