We are already into the second day of the new year, and if you are one of those who’ve made a few resolutions when the year began, I wonder how far you’ve gone on keeping them?

A few days after the new year, a local school had a party for it’s teachers and the principal, asked all of them to give him a list of the resolutions they’d made at the beginning of the year. They did so, and on the day of the teacher’s function, he put up the list and there was a general feeling of bonhomie and good humour as they read each other’s resolutions, except one teacher, “Where is my resolution she asked the principal crossly, “Did you think it was unworthy of being displayed?”

The principal assured her that he had, had no such compulsions and that her paper had obviously been misplaced, “Misplaced!” she screamed, “How could you misplace my paper and not any of the others?”

The head tried to calm her down, but the lady was furious, and ranted and raved, till her superior, in order to quieten her, said that he would go to his office and see whether it was there.

The paper was there, and as the principal read what the resolution was he broke into a chuckle, which slowly turned into a sad smile: The teacher had written, “I will not lose my temper this year!”

It took just a small episode, a small provocation for the same lady to forget her new year resolution!

I wonder how many of us are like her? What resolutions did you make? Have you been able to keep them till now?

Many of us can’t keep one for even a few hours. It was certainly fun making that promise to ourselves, we were all geared up, felt mighty good about it, took our last puff, our last big bite or large peg and told ourselves that from the new year it would never happen.

It lasted a day or two, or even three, maybe it will last a month.

What is it that makes these resolutions crumble?

More often than not, the reason is that you have not used a tool that is so readily available, your imagination.

Imagine yourself, slim, then resolve going on a diet.

Imagine a happy, content family, a smiling spouse, then stop those binges, imagine yourself getting the highest award, then start studying and so on and so forth.

Use your imagination, hold a picture of the ‘resolved’ you and watch yourself holding onto whatever you’ve resolved to change into.

If you’ve already broken your resolution, on the verge of doing so, or are struggling to keep it till now, start picturing the ‘resolved’ you..!

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