Suddenly love has turned to hate in our country, with violent terms like ‘love-jihad’ on everyone’s lips. Men are being put into prisons for falling in love and married couples separated! Horrified, I just saw a video of ruffians beating up a couple who were sitting together in a park!

We have groups roaming our country who are against love! Men with eyes popping out with frenzy separate couples wanting to be together, tear endearing love notes they write for one another and with rage and angry roar punch love in the face.

These are people who thrive on hate.

Love is foreign to them. Love they refuse because hate helps them in their evil designs of dividing man against man, through colour, creed and caste.

 “Hate the man who looks different than you!” they yell.

 “Hate the woman whose skin is dark or who wears not bindu on head or veil or purdah!”

 “Hate the man and woman who worships God in a different way!”

 “Hate the boy who speaks in another tongue,” they tell their children, “or girl who cuts hair short while you leave yours long!”

Hate is their tool. Love needs to be destroyed before it diffuses hate.

And so with fire and stones they go on rampage and burn love down.

If only they would understand love. If only they knew that the very fires of hate which burn within them will also burn them up one day, then maybe they will ask what is this love you speak about?

And I will reply: There are four kinds of love my violent friend.

Eros, the erotic love that makes even the hardest man a romantic, physical in its manifestation and animal in its demonstration: A love that looks on each other as sexual object and makes man often lust for fulfillment.

Then there’s Storge love my friend; the hug and kiss of affection; one sees between parents and children.

The third is Phileo love: The bond of friendship; tender feelings we have for those we are close to.

And finally my friend, there’s Agape love, an unconditional divine love we see in God’s love for us. A love that holds and envelopes you and me whatever be the circumstances and whoever we are.

I don’t know what love you people of hate know of? But I do know that if just for a moment you are able to give yourselves up to the affects of Agape love, you will be filled with such warmth and tenderness that forever will you relinquish your tools of violence and anger and turn our country, into one of brotherhood and love!

My prayer today is for this to happen..!

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