The new guardian angel, who had just started guarding people on earth, sighed and all the angels nearby rushed to his side, “What happened?” they asked with heavenly concern.

“Well it’s been a tough day!” said the guardian angel, “I really don’t mind that but to get yelled at, is beyond anything I’ve faced!”

“Tell us what happened?” said a pretty angel, who was also a guardian angel for a little baby below.

“I saved a man’s life,” said the guardian angel, “I could foresee that in another few seconds he would be driving his car directly into the path of a huge double-decker, who’s driver had just had a heart attack!”

“So, what did you do?” asked the pretty angel, breathlessly.

 “I made the signal go red!” said the guardian angel, “And the man had to wait!”

 “I guess he cursed you for that!” said another guardian angel knowingly.

 “Yes, and those were curses that would have made his church going friends go red with shame!”

“Though I’m sure those same friends would have done the same!” said the other guardian angel with a smile.

“Why don’t people realize that when they pray for safety, safety comes in these ways?” asked the guardian angel, “That very often it could be a red signal, or a traffic jam, or…”

“Or, do you know the number of people who didn’t get killed in the Twin Towers crash in New York?” asked the senior angel, “It’s only later they realized that because their shoelace broke, or they got a sprain in their leg, or went down with fever, they were not killed!”

“I guess you can’t blame them!” said the pretty angel, who looked after the baby child.

 “Why?” asked the old guardian angel.

“Because who would know if a traffic jam, or a delayed signal, or something like that was meant to save their lives?”

“I agree with her!” said the tired guardian angel, who had just come back from earth, “I guess that man in the car, did not know I was guarding him when I turned the signal red a little earlier, and made him safe!”

“I don’t agree!” said the old guardian angel, and both the young angels, crowded round him, their wings brushing his, as he continued, “When they pray to God asking Him, to look after them ,when they pray for safety and journey mercies, those believers in Him, should realise that everything that happens from missing a bus or train, or a puncture, is happening with the knowledge of God!”

“Yes,” said the little angel.

“True,” said the tired guardian angel, “though if people would only understand that answers to prayer come in strange miracles, like red traffic lights..”

“Traffic jams…”

“Flight cancellations..”

“Even a sickness in the family…”

“Then there would be less curses when we do our job!” laughed all the angels joyfully together..!

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