Even as international leaders, take the first vaccine jab, to show their countrymen not to be afraid, I wondered why our leaders haven’t bared their political arms as yet.

 “It is the kindheartedness of our leaders that prevents them from taking the vaccine first,” said a reporter as he sat with me at the press club, “They want to step aside and allow others before they have a go! Their full philosophy is based on ‘after you’ or ‘you first’!”

 “Or maybe they are afraid?” asked another reporter as he downed his third drink.

 “Are you drunk?” asked the first reporter scornfully, “Afraid of what? They have heard in Norway that twenty-five people died after their vaccine shot! But did that stop our brave leaders from giving the vaccines out on the first day? No, they were not afraid!”

 “I wonder what reactions can happen later on?” I asked.

 “Did you hear what our leader said, he said, ‘not to be afraid!’ said the first reporter scornfully.

 “Then why doesn’t he take it?” asked the second reporter.

 “Just imagine,” said the first reporter, “what would happen if he did! He knows that if he jumps the queue, he will deprive some poor old man or woman somewhere in the country his or her rightful shot. And suppose that man falls sick of the virus the next day, wouldn’t that be on the conscience of our leader? No, we are not like America or other world leaders, we stand last in line! And may I ask you a question?”

 “Sure,” I said.

 “Why hasn’t Rahul taken the jab? After all he is young and healthy?”

 “I don’t think he knows how to download the vaccine app!” said the second reporter, “I’m sure once his brother- in- law comes home after his visit to the tax people, he will show him how to do so!”

 “See,” said the first reporter to me, “Our leaders have no fear of the vaccine, but each has his or her problem!”

 “Yes,” said a senior editor, joining the conversation, “I know two chief ministers in the north who do not possess half sleeved shirts, and so just cannot take the vaccine!”

 “Why don’t they take off their shirts?” I asked, “I’ve seen many taking the shots with their vests on!”

 “Do you know how cold it is in the north?” shouted the first reporter, “It is easy for you to talk from here, but if you could only imagine the plight of people in the bitter cold! Do you want them to catch a chill? Is that your intention?”

 “No, no!” I said hastily, “The good health of our leaders is of paramount importance to me, and I agree with you, that keeping that in mind, they should be the last to have the jab..!”

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