They sat together on the rocks and watched the waves come in. She felt his arms around her and she felt safe and secure. “Thank you, God,” she whispered, “for giving me somebody who loves me so much and who I love so very much” she heard the sound of the soothing waters and she nuzzled closer into his strong muscular arms.

She must have dosed for a few minutes, but she suddenly was all alert. She felt his arms, they were not around her. His hands had left her shoulders and were slowly tracing a circle around her neck. She felt herself stirring with desire and turned to him. His hands were now like roaming tentacles and she felt his passion, his movements. He tried to lay her down on the rocks. “No,” she whispered, “No”

 “Why not?” he asked, a little too roughly. “We are going to be married. It’s okay.”

 “When we are married it’ll be okay,” she said with a smile.

 “I thought you loved me,” he said gruffly, his passion unabated.

 “Very much,” she said. “I had a dream just now when I dozed off. I dreamt I was outside my body and that I was walking towards it. My body was like a temple, like the house of God. And there were lights inside my body and the lights shone out for all to see!”

 “See what?” he asked with a smile.

 “See that God was dwelling inside the temple.”

 “Inside your body?” he asked incredulously.

 “Strange, isn’t it?” she asked looking at him with a smile. “But I saw my body was the house of God and he was living in me.”

The waves from the sea gently splashed against the rocks and there was a silence between the two young lovers.

 “If God dwells in your body,” he said slowly, “it is a holy place.”

 “If God dwells in my body,” she said, “I need to keep myself holy for him.”

He looked at her and slowly put his arms around her again. She felt his strength and sureness and also the fact he had understood.

 “He dwells in you too,” she said with a smile.

 “I know,” he said and looked at her with eyes of love.

 “We need to keep ourselves pure and holy for God to continue abiding in us,” she whispered. “I wonder why I dreamt there were lights inside my body?”

 “Lights for others to see God in you,” he said simply.

They watched the sea as it gently kissed the rocks and they felt their eyes on each other. They turned to each other and their faces drew close in love as their lips touched each other. “Do you know something?” he whispered. “I love you so much now that I do not lust for your body.”

 “Our bodies are God’s holy temple,” she whispered, as she held him close and thanked God for a gift called love..!

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