What are your thoughts when you see a sheet of white paper looking blankly at you? For me, it yells opportunity, but to many it could spell terror, especially when they know they have to write against a deadline.

I thought it would be a good topic to spend a few moments on reflecting today: The dawn of a new morning is like a sheet of white paper isn’t it? Eight, ten, twelve or twenty four unused hours, all saying ‘I’m here to do what you please with me!”

And yet, we get up, wanting to go back to sleep, as much as some writers hate that blank sheet.

What’s the technique I use when I see that blank sheet?

Well, I don’t see that blank sheet!

 “But it’s there, Bob!” you yell out, “There it is glaring back at you on the computer screen!”

No, it’s not white for me, it’s already filling up with ideas, and plots and articles and they grapple with each other to make the white sheet full of words, sentences and pages!

So, it should be with life.

We should get up each day grinning, as the thought of new opportunities make us look forward to jumping out of bed and waiting to make that’ white sheet’ become a bestseller!


Whether it’s a paper or a day, what comes before the filling up of the sheet or the hours of the day, is the thoughts that become letters, or actions!

And what is most effective before those thoughts appear, is to allow the One who is in control of our lives to take control of the sheet of paper or our day.

 “Lord,” I pray as my eyes open, “You made this day, let me use it the best way possible!”

And the same with the sheet of paper on your laptop. It’s not mere words that the sheet beckons you to add on it, but words that can influence, and change people’s lives.

It’s not just twenty- four hours given to us, to work only towards our upliftment, oh no, but twenty four hours when we can look around and make others smile, and feel better!

Just imagine, every single one of us is given that same white sheet of paper every morning of our lives, and what we fill on that sheet can either make our lives beautiful, or take us back to bed at the end of the day, morose and gloomy.

I’m watching, as the white sheet of paper in front of me, gets all filled with words, and I grin as I imagine, what effect these same words will have on all you, my dear readers.

Will you open your white blank paper today and make it a confetti of joy?

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