Are you eating crumbs falling under the table?

Right next to where I write this column everyday, I have a large window, and am visited most all the time by a host of different birds and many squirrels. They come and sit on my windowsill, some stare fearlessly as I write and others caw, maybe telling me something. And it’s that something I keep for all of them, some knickknacks that they can feed on which I put very carefully on an upturned floor pot outside and which they love eating.

One day while I was looking out, after giving them their feed, and even watching them eat, I saw that just below were two or three birds and even a squirrel, who were waiting for something. They did not come up to my window, they had not cawed at me or chirped demanding their feed, but waited patiently, and as I watched I saw a piece, just a small piece of bread falling below, and all the ones below making a merry rush for it, squealing, shrieking and even grumbling as one of them got the piece and ran away with it to a safe distance and ate whatever had fallen.

I realized that these, who dared not come up to my window, were feeding on the crumbs that were falling and not the sometimes, luscious pieces of tit bits I fed the ones above.

It didn’t take me a moment to realize why; these creatures didn’t want to take the risk of coming too close to me, or maybe even annoying me by demanding a feed, and because they did not take that small risk, they had to feed on leftovers, or spillovers, fight over these crumbs and even mutter and mumble in annoyance.

Which brings me to the question I asked right at the beginning of this piece: Are you eating crumbs falling under the table? Are you also afraid to take risks, afraid to annoy your boss or spouse to ask for something and because of that go through life with what falls down or thrown to you?

I look out: There they are, the bold ones, and maybe it’s my imagination but there’s friendliness in their eyes, and a camaraderie between them. It’s like they’re saying to each other, “You take what he’s giving you this time, I’ll wait!” While below, again is it my mind’s eye that sees irritation among the ones who scamper forward and pick up the crumbs?

Take risks, compete and win! Even reservations which the government hands out every now and again stops us from getting the best. 

Instead, rise up! Compete! Take risks! Work hard! Get the juiciest pieces of what life spreads out for you, rather than spending your life existing on the crumbs under the table..!

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