I love playing cricket, and even now am called down by the local Royal Blues team to play for them, especially when they have a player short. They tell me they love the four I pull over the bowler’s head and I laugh, because I know that that shot came from childhood, when my brother and I played cricket down a long corridor and the only way I could escape being out was to hit the ball over his head when he bowled!

But two or three years ago though I heard the shouts and loud appeals in the vicinity, I could not go down to play.

It was my last day in New Zealand and I loved playing with my sister-in-law’s pet dog who had taken a shine for me. We chased each other in the compound and suddenly, as I took a wrong step back, I heard the part of leg below my knee giving way. It was a nasty feeling as I found I had pulled a calf muscle. I hobbled back to my room, and put a cold compress on my leg, but the pain whenever I got up was so intense, I had to hurriedly sit again.

No, I didn’t ask for a wheelchair on my journey back, but did certainly find the long airport walks both in Kuala Lumpur and back home a tad too long.

Suddenly, for the first time in my life I realized how a physical disability could take place just a step away. Never for a moment had I thought of myself as anything but fit, and now I felt the pitying glances of fellow passengers as I hobbled after them into the aircraft carrying me home.

Just one step from perfect fitness to being disabled!

Just one step from life to death too sometimes! We live life as if there’s going to be a million tomorrows and then just a step away death smiles as earthquake, accident or just the good ole heart gives way.

A survivor of the plane that crashed into the Hudson River talked later of his last few thoughts before what he thought was certain death. One was the time wasted in hating others. Second the little time he had given for family, and third the amount of time he could have spent being happy!

Do we need such reminders?

Do we need to regret our lives as we face death?

Can’t we start living, ready to move on without regret?

I remember hearing the sounds of my fellow players on the field close to my home, and realized how being one step away from good health had stopped me from hitting my favorite shot..!

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