Since my wife, a doc, has already had her vaccine shot, I decided I would field a few questions to her for my safety and the safety of the people, “Who gave you the shot?” I asked.

 “A fellow doctor!” she said.

 “Male or female?” I asked.

 “Why?” she asked, “Does it matter?”

 “I would prefer a male!” I said, “Someone who would scoop me from the ground if I fainted! Now, can you describe the thickness of the needle?”

 “So thick!” she said, showing a syringe, which she used to do random blood tests on my unsuspecting self.

 “That’s too thick!” I said, “That looks like a cricket bat!”

 “Well, your male doctor I’m sure will pick you up from the boundary after hitting your arm for a six!” said the wife brightly, winking at the maid, who’d suddenly appeared.

 “This is a serious matter!” I said disapprovingly, “and not to be taken lightly, do we have to wear a mask while taking the shot?”

 “Of course!” said the wife, “You don’t want us doctors picking up the virus while you all happily get the vaccine do you?”

 “No wearing masks!” I said with an air of absolute authority.

 “What do you mean?” asked the wife, arms akimbo, and I noticed the maid also followed her stance.

 “If masks are on, my identity may get mixed up with someone else and I met get someone else’s shot!” I said.


“So, does that matter?” she asked.

 “Ofcourse,” I said, “With my white beard I might be mistaken for someone else, and imagine what everybody will say if they feel he went and took his shot ahead of one point two billion people?”

 “So, you don’t want to wear a mask to protect political leaders?” asked the wife, inquiringly and I noticed the maid had the same expression.

 “Well, unlike Biden, Putin and Boris and all other leaders of the world, ours are selflessly allowing others to take their shot first and I would never want to sully their reputation by being mistaken for someone rushing for his shot!”

 “So, what do you plan to do?” asked the wife with the maid also mouthing the same words.

 “I will wait and then take the shot!”

My wife giggled as the maid whispered something.

 “What did she say?” I asked angrily.

 “She says you are afraid of the vaccine and want to wait and see what reactions it will have on one point two billion people, before you take yours!”

 “She’s making fun of the man of the house, I’ll book her for sedition!” I shouted angrily.

 “Maybe what you need is sedation!” said the wife, as the maid and she calmly carried on with their work..!

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