Missy was ready for marriage, and suddenly each man she met became a potential husband. And then one day she saw him; he was a flawless hunk, huge and muscular, handsome and confident as he looked around. she stared, fascinated at his, bulging muscles and taut abdomen.  

"How strong he is!" she thought happily.

But a voice spoke gently into her ear: "the strength of a man isn't seen in the width of his shoulders. Its seen in the width of his arms that encircle you!"

And then she heard a fellow speak, in tones that could have made a woman shiver, with authority that would make any man respect him as a leader, but again that voice whispered: "The strength of a man isn't in the deep tone of his voice. It's in the gentle words he whispers."

There were friends around this other one, who loved him and enjoyed his company, how she loved his easy way with them, till she heard again: "The strength of a man isn't in how many buddies he has, It’s in how good a buddy he is with you and his kids."

She looked again, and saw another and knew from the car he drove he'd risen high and was a leader among men, but again that whisper, "The strength of a man isn't in how respected he is at work, it’s in how respected he is at home!"

She saw another and knew that men would be afraid to grapple with him, that he had strength to flatten a thief and throw a kidnapper away, but again that hushed tone: "The strength of a man isn't in how hard he hits. It’s in how tender his touch!"

There he was. He looked striking and imposing, his top buttons purposely undone showing off his hairy chest, "Ah what a fellow!" she murmured. But the voice said, "The strength of a man isn't in the hair on his chest. It’s in his heart, that lies, within his chest."

He walked into her club, into a gym and picked up weights and dumbbells as if they were made of plastic, she marveled at his strength till this time an angry roar filled her ears: "The strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift, it is in the burdens he can carry!"

And then she heard the voice whisper sadly, "You judge men and even women by their appearance, when oh when will you be able to look within instead of being fooled by what you see outside? Missy, look inside the man for the perfect Mister Ten..!”

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