Statistics turned everything of human sphere and nations in to pi chart bar chart and in ranking system. There is ranking for everything in the world. With the lowest birth rate and high suicide rate Scandinavian countries are doing best almost in every sphere like world happiness index world press freedom index, human development index, democracy index.

There is a principle in statistics “ more sample size more accurate result, less sample size extreme result”. So the survey of 1000 people or several thousand people in the population of crores don’t depict the real situation of any country. Jeremy benthem was the first person who calculated the pain and pleasure by his doctrine and gave the parameters on which it depends. It is famously known as doctrine of hedonism.

In March 2021 UN sustainable development solutions network published world happiness report and India got 144 rank out of 153 countries. The report measured the countries in six different variables 1. GDP per capita 2. Social support 3. Healthy life expectancy 4. Freedom to make your own life choices5. Generosity 6. Perception of internal and external corruption levels.

The Pakistan got 66 rank and the China got 94 rank, does it mean the military rule and the communism is better than democracy not only that Honduras and other countries which helped American writer O. Henry in coining the term “ Banana republic” means the unstable state got the better ranking than India.

The relation of gdp per capita to happiness is depicts that western calculations of happiness is flawed and its parameters too. Once a disciple of Buddha asked “ what’s the cause of sorrow? Buddha replied , Desire is the cause of sorrow. If you will leave the desire you will be happy. India which is the birthplace of worlds two major religions Buddhism and Hinduism and have several sects and creeds. The east part or the oriental countries are still guiding the people of the world in gaining mental peace and stability. The formula of oriental  countries of calculating happiness is more deeper than the western one. In India, the Madhya Pradesh government and the Andhra Pradesh government have the exclusive happiness department and in the corona pandemic which is still growing in India the Madhya Pradesh government running various programs to make corona patients happy and to boost their morals up so that they can fight the disease. World happiness index is just a statistical disaster.

Globalisation did the tremendous job it made the whole world a single market. If one want cheap IT products go to India if one want cheap toys go to China and so on. Where in the economic race every country want to come first so the Ranking system evolved. why the ranking is important? Because it attracts business. India also witnessed the big surge in fdi inflows when it improved its ranking in the ease of doing business. It developed faith in the corporate world to invest in particular country. No one should against the ranking system but against the parameters. Competition is good it help the best nation to come out and lead the world.

The main question arise here that one country can not be glorified and one country can not be declared notorious by this ranking system. It has its positive and negative sides.

Recently United States commission on international religious freedom put India in to countries of particular concern list for engaging in and tolerating systematic ongoing and egregious religious freedom violations. India is a sovereign country and it has no business in religion and at various occasions the Indian judiciary and state reaffirmed it by their actions. It is just a Nations criminalisation by another nation. India is the follower of Panchsheel Siddhantha. And one of the principle in this doctrine is non interference in the internal matter of particular country. This is not the first time earlier Stimson who said that the non recognition of state which is the result of aggression and later criticised by many politicians and jurist on interfering in the internal matter of the country.

In World press freedom index published by reporters without borders india got 142 position out of 180. According to office of registrar of news of India till 2018 India has 17573 newspaper and 100666 periodicals registered. Press in India got their position by the long struggle it has not been given,  the ranking given by world press freedom index not only undermine the struggle of freedom fighters for free press but also the people’s consciousness towards the freedom of speech and is usually considered the fourth pillar of democracy the ranking doubt the democratic values of India.

When the largest democracy of the world got 51st rank in the world and described as flawed democracy the questions will be raised. Indian democracy faced many ups and downs but always it come out more stronger The unjustified rankifisation of countries is an act of violence. Every government in the world is trying to achieve the aspirations of their people and if people want to change it they will surely change the government, like pro- democracy movement are going on in Hong Kong.

* The writer is a Lawyer and Research Student