With attacks on poor Rahul worsening by the day, in my very vivid imagination I see the Congress think tank putting on their thinking caps and pondering the best solution to the nightmare brought about by their leader opening his mouth at Cambridge. “An important issue like Adani is being sidelined because the treasury benches are attacking Rahul,” said a worried leader of the opposition party to me.

 “And now the Delhi police have also got an arrest warrant for him!” said another leader, “Looks like our dear Rahul is destined for Tihar!”

 “We told him last week not to trim his hair or beard,” said the spokesman of the party angrily.

 “Looks like he did not listen to you,” I said.

 “He listened to the barber,” said the same spokesman shaking his head in frustration, “we knew for sure that the ruling party was hell bent on seeing he shaved his hair and beard. They knew a lot of his strength and wisdom came out of those long locks! India loved him with those looks!”

 “So, did they send a Delilah after him?” I smiled and asked.

 “In a way yes, but a Delilah in the form of a lady barber, who told him, his sweet dimple couldn’t be seen and off came his hair!”

 “You have any strategy to save him?” I asked, “You guys are supposed to be the think-tank of the party! Earn your living!”

 “Easier said than done,” said the first think tanker, “We have always relied on the High Command to make all decisions and now that very high command is powerless! We have never practiced decision making!”

I left the worried congressmen for awhile and went out for some fresh air, till I found one of the think tankers standing next to me, “We are stuck,” he said as he looked at me beseechingly.

 “I can see that!” I said sharply.

 “Can you help us? What we need is a management guru who will teach us ‘the art of thinking and decision making!”

 “Sure,” I said, “I know an excellent man, “Let me call him and see if he’s free to give you people a crash course today!”

It was two hours after the crash course that in my very vivid imagination, I returned to the party headquarters and found the whole camp in jubilation. They were garlanding the ‘thinking guru’ and seeing me, they threw some flowers my way. “He is excellent!” said the spokesman who had first spoken to me, “We can now think freely, without help from the high command, and have decided to tackle this problem head on.”

 “Amazing!” I said, “and what’s the first thing you ‘new thinkers’ are going to do for your young dimpled leader?”

 “Get him married!” said the spokesman, “Married men speak only to their wives, not in Cambridge or Oxford..!”

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