Watching the terrible atrocities committed against Christians in Manipur left me shocked; churches burnt, priests killed, and terror-stricken women and innocent children fleeing from ruthless rioters! But my mind was jerked to the Depths of Hell where I saw a German with a small toothbrush mustache, looking where I’d just been gazing: He was weeping helplessly!

“What are you crying about Adolf?” asked Eva Braun, also from the depths of the fiery pit.

“Look what is happening there!” cried the former Nazi leader, his toothbrush moustache wet with tears.

“Ach Adolf, you weeping over minorities being killed?” laughed his astonished mistress, who’d become his wife, just before they’d entered the Gates of Hades.

“Not weeping over murdered minorities,” cried Hitler with disdain, “But weeping over my foolishness. If only I had learnt the method that’s working so well down there! If only I had used the same technique, I would have won the war and got away with the holocaust!”

Eva, now Mrs Hitler, rushed to the edge of hell and looked down, “What are they doing different from what you did?” she asked, puzzled.

“They are wisely not involving any state machinery in their ethnic cleansing!” sobbed the former dictator, “They are allowing the majority to bully the minority, while turning a blind eye to it all! If I’d done the same, I could have allowed our German majority to finish the minority Jews themselves, instead of using government funds, building gas chambers and having thousands of my policemen round them up, who I could have used instead to have fought the Allies and Russians!” 

“What a clever strategy that would have been!” said Eva wistfully, looking down and nodding.

The former Fuehrer continued, “and while we majority Aryans were finishing the Jews off, I could have travelled abroad, pretending all was well, while hugging President Roosevelt and Churchill, and telling them not to bother, as it was just a domestic skirmish!”

“You could have craftily inflamed the majority with propaganda against the Jews like demographic imbalances, forcible conversions and made fictitious love films about Jews running away with Nazi girls! That would have worked brilliantly!” sighed Eva Braun tearfully, “But do remember dear husband, that it was because of sympathy for the Jews after your mass killings that the world carved a separate State of Israel. Today they’re one of the most powerful nations in the world! Remember they worship an Omnipotent God!”

“Dumme Frau! Stupid woman!” muttered Hitler under his breath as he got up and made his way across the fiery furnace of hell.

“What are you doing?” shouted Eva Braun.

“Leaving you, my wife!” shouted the former Fuehrer, walking away, “That’s the first thing one has to do, to master the ‘Blind Eye Technique’..!”

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