By Nazima Parveen


A service unique of its kind to serve the society with knowledge,

They are the backbone right from school to college;


Teachers shape one’s destiny; They touch one’s future;

They mould, carve and design you; The teacher is truly a sculptor;


The student trusts the teacher’s wisdom

Their admiration for their mentor, one cannot fathom


The student-teacher bond is sealed with the cement of trust

Tampering the trust will certainly turn you to dust


The eight year old in UP, stood in his class innocently

Watching the teaching strangle the trust vehemently


The slaps on his face not only tore his soul

The pride and the trust in his teacher were buried in a hole


“Don’t you know?”, he cried, “The teacher never takes sides nor discriminate,

Religion, caste, gender cannot be a reason to abominate”


O ye who teach! Come forward and rise beyond these prejudices

Be trustworthy, be the guru you once were, erasing all the biases