When we are strong and physically able, how easy it is to trust everybody! We do so because we have complete confidence in ourselves, that in case of any trouble, our strength, both physical and mental, will take care of the situation. But as we age, this confidence grows weaker. We tend to look more suspiciously at strangers or new acquaintances and do not make friends so easily. “Who knows what he or she really wants!” we think to ourselves whenever somebody gets a little friendly.

It is right to be careful, but it is also wise to judge each case differently. Just because you feel weaker than the days of your youth doesn’t mean you get suspicious of all and sundry. Learn to trust your instincts, and as you do so, also use your mind to assess people just as you did in the years before. Don’t make a blanket rule that everybody is un-trustable! Very often too much suspicion can put off people who genuinely want to be friends with you. In all probability they see something which they like in you, and would like to get to know you better! If

If staying alone or living alone as a couple, take some precautions; do not open your door to strangers, and workers who enter your home should either be known to you or carry a valid identification card. Check this id proof through your grill or outer door. Also keep your doors locked at all times and never let a stranger into your home when you are there alone. When offers are made by telephone, discuss the offer later with a friend or family member and always ask for written information about any offers, prizes, or charities and wait to respond until you have reviewed the information thoroughly. Also do not be pressured into making purchases, signing contracts, or making donations.

But even as you take these simple precautions do not live in fear. Live confidently and remember there is a world of good people waiting to get closer to you as you grow old. I remember my mother had this ability and desire to always befriend the elderly. I found later that in every older lady she found the mother she had just lost and in the elderly gentlemen, she found a father she missed. The same is true with most of society. What fun; just imagine, you can become parents and grandparents once again with a whole new family of youngsters!

So remember all of you who are becoming senior citizens or are already seniors, trust and mistrust are both so necessary as a precaution but not needed to stop you from having a more people filled life again..!

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