It was at my cousin’s office years ago that I met him. He was, according to my cousin, a star salesman, “Hear him Bob,” said my cousin, “He has the gift of the gab!” Which meant he could talk fast and easily as words came out of his mouth faster than a speeding race car.

But my cousin fired him in a month. “I don’t know what was wrong,” he said, “He had the gift of the gab, yet he failed to make a sale!”

I worked as a salesman during that time, for my dad, and as I studied sales, I could have told my cousin that being a great talker didn’t make you a great salesman, but being an intent listener did.

What happens with people who talk too much is that they listen too little.

And it’s not just words that you need to listen to, it’s also his or her body language. His or her eyes, they’re all saying something all the time. A shift from one leg to another means they are getting restless, and you need to stop.

You need to listen with your ears and also your eyes.

Also remember that many who are glib talkers are treated with suspicion.

I once had a manager who used to tell me, he could confuse the customer into signing on the dotted line. I wondered what he meant, till, I realized, he managed to get the sale, but after that was the most troublesome customer, because he had not understood anything about the product, while my salesman was busy ‘confusing’ him.

The sale, though struck, finally became a tedious one to execute.

People look for honesty. They look for integrity. They don’t look for fast talkers who block their questions.

And the man with the gift of the gab asks gloomily, “I can talk so well, why can’t I sell?”

A salesman saw his customer, staring out the window disconsolately.

 “What seems to be the trouble?” he asked.

 “I promised my wife a Pomeranian and the cheapest one I can get is $200. It’s too much.”

 “You’re right. I can sell you one for $125.”

 “Great! When can you deliver it?”

 “I’ll let you know.”

Once outside he rushed to a public telephone and rang his sales manager.

 “Listen. I’ve just sold a Pomeranian for $125. What the hell is a Pomeranian?”

That’s what happens to salesmen who confuse and don’t listen, they sell nothing. Remember you don’t need to be glib talker to sell. Listen, understand, and sell.

And this article is not for professional salesmen alone, but for all of us, because in all we do and say, we are actually selling, maybe a thought, an idea, or advice!

So, sell right..!

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