As polls come nearer, the temple or mosque issue starts becoming louder. I wondered what if American President Biden does the same when he stands for President again?

"President Biden, America is in a financial crisis, what are the methods you plan to bail the country's economy?"

"I have plans to build a huge church! Yes! A tall, gigantic church right in the middle of Times Square! I will pull down all those giant billboards and right there I will build this beautiful temple to my God!"

"Sir, we know you are not happy about all that Israel is doing. Will you try and work towards a peace plan?"

"In this church you will have pillars made of gold! They will be fashioned much like the columns you saw in ancient Rome, tall and imposing. Every person who comes to America won't visit the Statue of Liberty after that, nor go to the Lincoln Memorial, but to the Church I will build for the people of America. This is my promise, your vote for this church!"

"Mr President, there are hundreds of thousands who are unemployed, will you provide jobs or increase the social security for these people?"

"The Church will be so high, so majestic that even from a hundred miles away will people see it's imposing structure, and in the night, her lights will be seen from even as far away as Baltimore and maybe New York!"

"Sir the mafia seems to be getting more powerful and crime is increasing in many of the big cities, teenagers and the unemployed are now on the streets committing robberies and even murder. Will you bring in the National Guard to protect the American people?"

"Inside, on the ceiling I will commission the best artists from Italy to paint scenes, better than those of Michael Angelo's Sistine Chapel."

"Would you bring about laws that will enforce gun control sir?"

"The walls will be done with marble!"

"Are you for gay rights sir?"

"The pews carved from the best woods in the world!"

"Who will be your Vice President sir?"

"Stained glass for the windows!"

"Your Secretary of State?"

"Hear ye my voters! I promise to build this church for the people of America if you vote me in as President of the United States!"

Even as you chuckle, sing out with me to our own people:

It's not how high the temple or how tall the church,

Nor where steeple, or deity, are going to perch.

It's all about what, you're gonna do for little me

To ensure my freedom, safeguard liberty.

Can you guarantee my brother gets enough to eat?

And shelter to lay down his poor weary feet?

When you stop invoking votes for Allah, or Ram,

You'll give India her much needed, soft healing balm..!

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