By Rasheed Yusoof

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”. 

“With great power comes, great responsibility”; but there are only a few who manage to live upto it. The new buzz in the islands is about our Hon’ble Lt. Governor Lt. Gen. (Retd) A K Singh, PVSM, AVSM, SM, VSM. You must have seen him cycling, taking a walk or might be around you and you wouldn’t have even realized. Yes, he is just one of us, who thinks and understands the problems of the common man. From what we have seen and heard until now, our new Hon’ble Lt. Governor is a responsible leader for the masses, which becomes possible through effective Administration.

We have seen him interacting and discussing problems right from the young to the elderly. What we see here is democratic or in other words participative leadership, which was practiced by some of the great leaders of their time like Mahatma Gandhi. Our Hon’ble Lt. Governor takes suggestions & advices from all sections of the society and then acts upon it.

The logical and practical approach towards problem solving, and the apparent endeavour to make the islands a better place to live, has created a positive wave in the islands, and hence a sense of security and comfort among the Islanders. The Islanders have started envisioning the long awaited development of the Islands, and trust that Their new Leader is the gift of Their long awaited prayers. The Lt. Governor has a very strong Positive and ‘Never Give Up’ Attitude and  His warmth, approachable attitude, personal visits and time bound problem solving acumen reflects his interest for the Rise of the Islands. Moreover, he has been able to identify the key areas where he wants to focus on, namely Education, Health, Fisheries and Tourism, which are truly also the need of the hour.

Andaman having been bestowed with all natural beauty needs to be showcased on the global map, and only with a visionary like our current Hon’ble Lt. Governor, this dream is possible. Our Hopes are high and fingers crossed and the goal is common to make the islands a part of the global economy and have world-class infrastructure. In this day and age, it’s a boon for the society to be led by a true leader motivated both socially and morally for unparalleled public service.

It feels great to have a Lt. Governor who is kind, encouraging and strives for development of the islands in all fields. His valuable guidance, inspiring words and above all, his encompassing physical presence amidst us itself shows his greatness. We will always remain grateful to you, Honorable Sir!


We look forward for bright and prosperous future  under your Strong & Positive leadership as the Administrator of A & N Islands.