By Zubair Ahmed

Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated today with the culmination of Ramadan, a spiritually inclined month filled with fasting and prayers. Today is the day of feast after a month-long fast, which also demand us to contemplate and reflect over the larger purpose behind such an endeavor.

Human being is the most beautiful and intelligent creation of God on earth endowed with enormous power to maneuver, utilize and exploit the world around it, with the capability to subjugate other creatures and creations far stronger and mightier than it. The only creation with the ability to reach the abyss of the ocean or the farthest celestial body. Undoubtedly, he holds a special and unique place in the universe, which other creations don't. If he acts sensibly and responsibly, he may enhance and improve the world around him or if he acts irresponsibly and recklessly, he can make the world worst for everyone and everything.

He is the only creation capable of horizontal and vertical growth. He is made up of body and soul. When he focuses on his body, animality takes over him. When he nurtures his soul, humanity dominates. His actions depend on how he strikes a balance between his body and soul. He needs to find harmony with both God and Universe.

If he has been gifted with such immense powers, he needs to be responsible for the position he enjoys in the universe, and accountable to God, Who created him as well as the universe.

He has been ordained to fast in the month of Ramadan to attain the attributes of responsibility and accountability. His fasting during daytime makes him realize the frailty of his body, and empathise with the creations around him and his prayers during nights enriches his soul with the remembrance of his Creator. Thus, Ramadan enables him to purify his body as well as his soul and helps him to realize the real purpose behind his creation - Servitude to God and Service to Mankind.

Every year, Ramadan provides him with an opportunity to find that balance between his body and soul. And also his commitment towards his Creator and other Creations around him. Its a month of review and reorientation. And when he goes through the process and comes out fully recharged to take up his larger responsibility, he needs to show gratitude to his Creator, who keeps giving him the golden opportunity. 

And he shows that gratitude by celebrating Eid. By praising his Creator. By giving out to the poor a portion from the bounty, he received from his Creator and Cherisher. By preparing delicious feast and sharing the joy and happiness with everyone. By coming closer to the Creator and reinforcing his commitment towards mankind.