A dream comes true for Saw She- Tha…. A wheel chair that made him stepped out for the first time…


Mayabunder, Oct. 17: (Report – Mary Pee): Finally a wish had come true for She- Tha, who had not stepped out for more than a decade. The wheel chair was delivered to him on 11th October 2012, all the way from Port Blair to Mayabunder. Andaman Chronicle and team stepped into a small dingy thatched house and was greeted with smiles from those who had gathered at She –Tha’s place.


The atmosphere was filled with warmth and smiles flashing from She -Tha’s parents and relatives. Lying in the corner in his usual posture She -Tha was unaware of what was going to be unfolded before his eyes. And to his surprise a big package was unpacked, and there stood the wheel chair She-Tha had dreamt of for more than a decade.

Upon seeing the wheel chair She –Tha wore a surprised look.  When he was made to sit on the wheel chair with his parents standing beside him, his legs were twitching with joy and he flashed a million dollar smile which was worth a capture!

Among those who had gathered at She- Tha’s place was the Executive Secretary of the Karen Baptist Christian Association (KBCA) Mr. Saw Saytha who expressed his gratitude to the philanthropist for the wheel chair donated to She- Tha.

“I am really happy and grateful to those who took up the initiative in highlighting She -Tha’s plight and bringing the wheel chair for him. This is indeed a really wonderful day to cherish. As you all are aware that our Karen community is financially unsound and so we could not help She- Tha much, but Andaman Chronicle and team had done a wonderful job by bringing a smile to She- Tha’s face and now he can move around sitting on the wheel chair. May God Bless the donor and all those who are behind this philanthropic work, is my sincere prayer and wishes to all”, expressed the Executive Secretary.

She- Tha with a little help from people moved out of the house and all on his own he moved around sitting on the wheel chair. The confident looking young man flashes a smile every now and then, as relatives and well wishers looked on.

“I have no words to express, I am so touched by the kind gestures you all had shown towards me and by donating this wheel chair you all have made it possible for me to experience a whole new world. I do not know who had donated the wheel chair, May God bless this wonderful human abundantly! ‘Thank you’, is too small a word to express but I will ever remain grateful to you all”, remarked She-Tha


She- Tha’s parents beamed with joy, and much to the surprise of everyone his aged father sang beautiful Japanese songs for all those who were present. Although he could not translate what he had sung, it was evident from his body language that he was rejoicing along with his son.


Indeed we witnessed the smile on the ailing face, after decades of suffering in silence and lying on bed for days and nights,  She –Tha is on the road to freedom. With the help of the wheel chair he can now move around.

But reality lies in whether he will be able to stand on his own feet again? Will there be a hope of him walking on his own without the support of a wheel chair??